Meizu Smartwatch is Expected to Launch on 21st October

2015 turned out to be a grand successful year for the Chinese tech giant company Meizu as they have launched numerous new smartphones, in found a solid customer base and delivered consistent quality. Now Meizu is ready to dip their into the wearable market and they are reportedly going to launch Meizu smartwatch on 21st October.More than six months ago we last heard about this mysterious smartwatch, and it appears to be ready to unveil this month.Meizu tried to branch out into the wearable market once before with the inWatch Pi, but Pi was a rather basic smartwatch and was awful to use. So Meizu terminated their partnership with the watchmaker and come up with the first in-house made Meizu Smartwatch.


The four images captured at an electronics fair in Hong Kong revealed that Meizu Smartwatch is a fully fledged wearable with round touch display.The wearable comes with a leather black strap and The ‘Meizu’ logo is engraved on the back.This Smartwatch isn’t going to be a typical Android Wear though, but instead could either be a basic MTK OS for wearables or could even be Tencent OS(TOS) which is a Chinese OS based on Android.Meizu might be even consider to partner with Samsung’s Tizen OS, which runs on a few Gear devices or YunOS, another potential platform for smartwatches.

The images also revealed that the wearable will feature a leather look strap which fastens to the thickest, most bulkysmartwatch we have ever seen! We are also hoping that a huge battery will be incorporated inside the wearable for great battery life.Along the round display there is a numbered bezel (similar to a divers watch) which is designed especiallyto give the watch a sporty feel, but the numbers and the marks look like drawn by the unprofessionals. The back portion is where we find the tabs for charging the watch via some sort of charging dock along with the Meizu logo.

Meizu Smartwatch will supposedly unveil alongside with the Meizu Blue Charm Metal, a new all-metal, low cost smartphone expected to arrive on October 21.

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