Leaked Image of OnePlus 3 Revealed: May Come with the Iris Recognition & Snapdragon 820 Processor

It had been a very busy year for the Chinese smartphone maker One Plus, as they released two brand new handsets and a handful of accessories. But the company is craving for more and with the company’s “Never Settle” motto, growing in a rapid speed.  The company launched OnePlus X only a few days ago and even the OnePlus 2 hasn’t been out for long, but already the rumor mill for the OnePlus 3 has begun to churn. Chinese tech website Mobile-Dad.com shared few leaked images which supposedly began the speculations about the OnePlus 3.

One Plus 3

Though the rumors probably don’t reveal the absolute final design, but even if they come real the OnePlus 3 probably won’t land for a good few months yet. As OnePlus has a reputation to be the flagship killer, so maybe the Chinese company will launch the handset along with the Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

The leaked images showed that the OnePlus 3 will sport a brushed metal back panel. If the rumors come true, then it will make company’s second smartphone, after OnePlus X, to not feature sandstone back as the default finish for the rear casing. Also OnePlus 3 will flaunt a plainer, smoother rear panel look to it than the OnePlus 2.

The major talking point of the OnePlus 3 is the exclusion of the fingerprint scanner. Though it could be just early renders but it could also be true that OnePlus is planning to incorporate a different technology in OnePlus 3.Maybe they could just go for the Iris scanning technology. But only time can answer this question. We may find this iris recognition technology in the upcoming LG G5 too.

 It’s hard to say surely the specs of the upcoming OnePlus 3 from the leaked image as there is clearly a lack of detail in the renders, but according to the sources working in the company claiming that the OnePlus 3 will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 820 processor and will sport a 1080p full HD screen rather than a QHD screen. Some may get disappointed with the display of the OnePlus 3 as many of us expected the handset will come with a 1440p display resolution. The other spec hint we get from the leaked picture is the possible inclusion of a dual-LED flash to accompany the camera.

There are no further specification details included in the leaked image but the pictures suggest that there may be two variants of the OnePlus 3 available when it eventually launches. One will be painted with the classic black, while the other appears to flaunt some sort of mirrored finish.

This whole article is written on the basis of the single leaked image of OnePlus 3 and other rumors from various sources. Even if all these information are true right now there’s always a possibility that the details will change before the OnePlus 3 officially launches. But one thing is sure that the phone is going to be a standalone device from all the aspects. So hold your breath wait for the official launches. Meanwhile if we get any more news on OnePlus 3, we will let you inform in this page. So stick to our website and like us on Facebook.

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