How to Synchronize Android OS Smartphone to Windows 10

Since the time Smartphone successfully had taken up a lot of share of our lives, different companies have emerged as its producer. Previously the only operating system of smartphones that existed used to be Android OS. But then, when newer companies could enter the rat race of producing smartphones then how could Android OS monopolize the market of the operating systems?

Sync Android OS Smartphone to Windows 10

Hence came up other firms like Microsoft, Apple, etc; with their own operating systems. Among the two firms that used to rule the world of phones, Samsung went ahead in the race and left back Nokia. So, Nokia launched its Lumia series to give challenge to the Galaxy Series of Samsung. Now the question arises that what was the difference between the products. Well! Everybody knows it. The competition was more between Android OS and Windows than Samsung and Nokia. The market got totally divided. Though there exists another operating system of Apple, but due to the reasonable price and a lot of user friendly features, Android OS and Windows successfully got the kingship of the market.

Though the feedback of the users differed but, the pan of the balance went more to Android’s side. Windows 10 (both on phones and PCs) was reported to have a lot of drawbacks. The biggest drawback was that it wasn’t user friendly enough. However, this concept changed with the emergence of Windows 10. So today there are many such Android OS users who would merrily switch to the all new operating system of Microsoft, Windows 10.

Moreover this wish has been probably enhanced with the software launched by Microsoft which is going to be the biggest nightmare of Android. This is because it enables the users to switch their beloved Android device to Windows 10 without even changing it. So I think that I have some kind of help for those who want to switch from Android to Windows 10 but are not planning to buy a new phone. Here is how you can sync Android OS to Windows 10 and can also dual boot Windows 10 on your Android smartphones.

Steps to Sync Android OS with Windows10:


You need a fully configured Microsoft live account with Windows Phone Companion app installed on the PC.

Sync Android OS Smartphone to Windows 10

Once you are ready with the above mentioned requirements, just follow the simple steps:

  • Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable and let it automatically detect the device and install USB drivers.


  • Launch Windows Phone Companion app on PC and choose the device platform.
  • Then select OneDrive.
  • Enter your log-in user ID and password, and wait for the prompt. Then hit the sign-in button
  • Once you are signed in, a download link will be sent to your email from where you can download the app.
  • Install the app, launch it and then re-enter the login credentials.
  • Just go through the app and assign basic permissions for it to run at full functionality.
  • Return to the PC and check the confirmation box that acknowledges successful connection between your computer and Android device.
  • Finally, confirm the camera upload settings on your handset and hit done button.

That was it! Those were the easy steps that could be followed to sync Android OS to Windows 10.

As mentioned above, through this article we are going to help regarding two things. The first one is done. So now let us take a peep into the second one which is all about “how to dual boot Windows 10 and Android OS?” or “how to install Windows 10 on Android OS device?”


  • Android OS Powered Mobile Or Tablet.
  • Laptop or PC
  • USB Cable to connect Phone with Laptop.
  • Change My Software 8 Edition 0r 7/8.1/10 edition (download)
  • High speed Internet Connection for Downloading Updates.

The required App or software named above Change My Software 8 actually helps users to convert a device from Android OS to Windows and vice-versa. There exists the option of using both through dual booting.

Steps to install Windows 10 to Android OS smartphones or tablets:

  • Use USB cable to connect your Android OS powered device Mobile/Tablet to your PC
  • Next step is to launch the downloaded software on your computer
  • Choose Android > Windows 10 to install Windows 10 on Android.
  • Proceed further by tapping on Continue.
  • Recent version will ask you take backup it is better to take backup.
  • Select your language from the displayed prompt. Soon on selecting language Windows 10 and drivers downloading will commence.
  • Wait for some time until you are seen with Success screen. It is time consuming & probably depends on your internet speed.
  • Soon after completion of downloading click on the “Install” button. Here is the trick part if you want to keep your Android OS Do not click on “Remove Android” check button. This step will ensure you dual boot Windows 10 along with Android.
  • Click on option Install Button and wait for some time to get install all settings and feature of Windows 10 on your android mobile.
  • After completion of installation reboot your android mobile/tablet.


Steps to Dual Boot Android OS and Windows 10:

  • Now you will be displayed with Dual boot option to choose Windows 10 or Android to use on your Android device.
  • Choose Windows and wait to login usually takes more time. That’s it after sometime you will be displayed with Windows 10 homepage

That’s all about How to install Windows 10 on Android Mobile. You will get Windows 10 on your Android Tablet and you can use Windows 10 on Android device anytime by changing logins. The total procedure is reversible. So if you want to switch back you have that option open too. For more convenience on the same you can visit

So we hope that we could help you enough to make a proper choice between Android OS and Windows 10 without even letting you change your device through this article How to Sync Android OS Smartphone to Windows 10? For more updates on any kind of techno-play like rooting a phone, disabling the keylogger, etc stay in touch with me on . Feel free to ask any question or drop any feedback on the comment section.


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