How to Root YU YUPHORIA (Updated 100% Working Method)

By now the smartphone producing company YU has already taken over a lot of portion of the Indian market with its range of phones like Yuphoria, Yunique, etc, which run on the company’s own processor called Cyanogen OS. The features of this are much similar to that of Android OS. Today we will be talking about the steps to follow if you are interested to know how to root Yu Yuphoria in the easiest manner possible.

How to Root Yu Yuphoria

The phone has received a huge response from the customers. Despite being a new company its high class features like 13MP rear camera and multitasking facility, YU YUPHORIA has given a stiff competition to the brands like Samsung, LG, etc. Despite being a new brand which was launched in 2014 the debut sale of YU YUPHORIA on 28th of May 2015 hit 20000 and the company received a registration of around 500000. The very first stock was sold like hotcake.  The biggest advantage on the part of these phones is that the features are challenging for phones like ASUS ZENFONE MAX, Samsung Galaxy J5 and many other such phones which are produced by the firms which have been ruling the market for a long period. With many more rocking features like Gorilla Glass 3 display, 5inches screen which are available at a reasonable price of only Rs. 7,299, YUPHORIA seems to have created its place in the hearts of those who prefer features and quality both. However, if you are really interested in exploring all the functionalities which this Smartphone offers, then you must root Yu Yuphoria as soon as possible. Don’t know the process? Stay tuned!!!

Though we love our gadgets, there are limitations to which we can configure it in the way we want to. So to enjoy the features which are not a part of the root configurations we can use the process of rooting. On rooting YU YUPHORIA, the added features like automating everything, viewing hidden apps, boost phone’s speed and life, block ads in any app, remove pre-installed crapware, flash a custom kernel, etc.

What is Rooting? Why is rooting done on Android Phones?

Rooting is the process that allows the users of the smartphones and other Android devices to attain the status of a developer and gain access of those areas of the software which are generally blocked by the manufacturer. The areas are blocked because of different reasons which chiefly include protection of the user’s privacy and to save the device from malwares and threats. However, the policies may vary from developer to developer. When on one hand rooting allows the user to access the hidden areas of the software, on the other hand it may cause severe damages to the phone which ends up affecting the device’s warranty. So let’s take a look at the method of Rooting YU YUPHORIA.

How to Root Yu Yuphoria?

Before getting into the details of how to root YU Yuphoria let me give you a list of warnings:

  • The phone may lose its warranty conditions
  • The malwares can easily breach the security apps
  • The phone software can  get totally damaged and the phone may turn out to be just a useless brick

Note: if you still want to root YU YUPHORIA then you are doing it at your own risk. This site or any contributor to the site is not responsible for any kind of damage to your phone

Rooting YU YUPHORIA: Easiest Method Possible

Before you start rooting Yu Yuphoria it is important that you know your device properly

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to About Phone option
  • Tap on Build Number 7-10 times unless you see the pop up box showing ‘you are now a developer’
  • Go back, and a new section called ‘Developer Options’ appears in the settings
  • Tap on it and turn on the Toggle at the top
  • Now turn on USB Debugging


  • Now back up all your data because the next step will wipe out all the data in the inbuilt storage
  • make sure you have 70-80% charge to handle unexpected failure


How to unlock Yu Yuphoria’s boot loader?

  • Extract the adb_fastboot file in a New Folder in your C:/ Drive
  • After turning off the phone connect it to the PC or Laptop via USB cable while you continuously keep on pressing the volume up key
  • You will be shown a black screen stating ‘Fastboot Mode’



  • As soon as you connect your YUPHORIA to your Laptop or PC, Windows will automatically installing drivers all by itself. Now wait for the complete installation process
  • After the installation go to the folder where you have extracted your adb_fastboot files
  • Hold the Shift key and right click on the folder and select the option ‘open command window here’


  • Now type the command fastboot -i 0x2A96 devices in order to check the if your device has been selected.
  • If you get an error, it means that the drivers are not installed successfully
  • If you don’t get it then proceed to the next step
  • Now run the command fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock unblock bootloader
  • Now run the command fastboot -i 0x2A96 reboot to reboot your system

How to do Hotboot CWM Recovery?

  • Hotbooting is way of temporarily introducing a custom recovery in your recovery partition. As soon as you reboot your device, the custom recovery will be replaced by the stock Cyanogen recovery.
  • Now, since we have to flash supersu zip from a hotbooted recovery, you first need to copy the supersu zip from the rooting kit to the sd card of your phone.
  • Now, copy the yuphoria-cwm-recovery file from the rooting kit to the folder where you extracted adb_fastboot.
  • Using the same old method, go to fastboot mode and open command prompt. Now, type the following command.
    fastboot -i 0x2A96 boot yuphoria-cwm-recovery.img
  • The above command will boot your yuphoria into cwm recovery

How to root YU YUPHORIA by flashing SuperSU?

  • Select ‘Install zip from sd card’ and navigate to the place where you copied the SuperSU file.


  • Now, select ‘Yes’. It will flash the SuperSU zip on your phone.
  • You should now have root access on your phone. After rooting, it is recommended to install Busybox.
  • Download Busybox installer app from playstore and follow the instructions to install it.

Congratulations! Your Yu Yuphoria rooting is complete. Now enjoy the features of your newly rooted Yu Yuphoria. For more information on various technical issues like using WatsApp without verifying phone number or using WatsApp without any number or any other information visit  Techvicity. If you are still unable to follow the methods of how to root Yu Yuphoria then feel free to use the comments section below.

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