How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number

Right now WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular instant messaging system for Smartphones. Available almost on all platforms like Android, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and windows phone, Whatsapp is free of cost. With 900 million users, the primary goal of Whatsapp is to connect the whole world. But imagine if you could use Whatsapp with your phone number, may be, for the sake of your privacy. You might as well stop imagining and read the post below where you’ll learn a few tips and tricks to use Whatsapp without any phone number.

Use whatsapp without mobile no verification

Follow the simple steps to use Whatsapp without phone number or sim card: 

Before we start off, there a few prerequisites that needs taken care of:

  1. If you are already using the app, delete the WhatsApp account.(i.e uninstall whatsapp).
  2. Download the app from here and install it
  3. The needs a verification of your mobile number, so lock your messages in your phone by changing the phone to Fight mode
  4. Now the messenger will ask you to complete verification process in an alternative way
  5. In this step all you have to do is choose verification through SMS and enter your valid e-Mail address.
  6. Click on “Submit” button and without using a single moment click on “Cancel”. That ends your Authorization process.

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Now how to use Whatsapp without phone number: METHOD 1

In order to use Whatsapp app without phone number, you must install the spoof or fake message apps into your device.

  1. Now first off, you need to download and install Fake message app for iPhone device from here. And download and install Spoof message on to android device from here.
  2. Next go to the Outbox and copy the message details proceed to send false verification process in the above spoof or fake message apps.
  3. Use this false details in the false verification – To:+447900347295 From: + (country code ) ( mobile number ) Message: Your e-mail address.
  4. Following the above process you’d receive a number. Complete the verification process with this number.

And that’s it! You can now use Whatsapp without a phone number.

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How to use Whatsapp without phone number: METHOD 2

This method involves downloading and installing an app called TextNow.

  1. Download TextNow into your device from Google Play Store or iTunes App or Windows Mobile Phone.
  2. After setting up the app, you need to note down your number
  3. Next you need to open Whatsapp and proceed for verification
  4. Select your country and enter your TextNow number into Whatsapp and hit send
  5. Wait 5 minutes for SMS verification to fail. Following this you’d be prompted to do a verification by call. Hit the ‘call me’ button.
  6. The automated call will let you know of a verification code
  7. Enter the verification code into Whatsapp and you’ll be able to use Whatsapp without phone number.

How to use Whatsapp without phone number: METHOD 3

For this method you need to have an existing home phone/landline number and follow the steps below.

  1. Open Whatsapp after installation
  2. You’ll be prompted to verify your number. So after selecting your country, enter your home phone/landline number
  3. Wait 5 minutes for SMS verification to fail. Following this you’d be prompted to do a verification by call. Hit the ‘call me’ button.
  4. You’ll get an automated call to your landline letting you know of a verification code
  5. Enter the 6 digit verification code into Whatsapp to complete the verification process

Wrap up:

We hope you understood the procedures. If one fails, try the other two. One of them is bound to work and enable you to use Whatsapp without phone number. If you face any trouble, contact us via the comment section below. And feel free to checkout other Whatsapp related posts here.

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  1. Tell me do we have to enter d num in the airplane mode method.. M entering d num.d SMS verificatn is failing n thn call me verification is also failing but m nt gtng any enter email option.pls hlp me.I badly need it pls.

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