Dead Island 2 Release Date, System Requirements, Gameplay, Trailer

“Dead Island 2” the upcoming instalment of Zombie Infested Survival Game Dead Island (2011) is all set to release in April, 2016 (Probable) after going through lot of hang-up regarding the development of the game. However, the officials haven’t remarked any specific Dead Island 2 release date. The role-playing survival game will release in three platforms, i.e. Xbox One, PS 4 and Microsoft Windows.


Dead Island (2011) acknowledged as a blood-tingling horror survival game, while the expansion to it, “Dead Island: Riptide” didn’t receive up to the mark review from the gamers. Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer has already been out on YouTube but regarding the speculations about its development, the release date has been delayed to 2016 from 2015. Check out all new rumour and information about Dead Island 2 Requirements, release date, gameplay.

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Dead Island 2 Gameplay, Trailer & Controversies

First two expansions, Dead Island (2011) and Dead Island: Riptide were developed by Techland. The polish company was also set to develop the upcoming sequel Dead Island 2 until Techland decided to work on Warner Bros’ game Dying Light instead of DI 2.

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Later, Yager the German game development company was given the responsibility to fulfil the work of Techland. After, bumping through several hitch consolidating the development of it, Yager finally released the Dead Island 2 trailer on August, 2015. All of a sudden, Deep Silver the publisher of DI Series broke the tie up with Yager and delayed the Dead Island 2 Release Date to 2016 from 2015. Check out the first ever Dead Island 2 Gameplay and First Look below.

Why Dead Island 2 Release Date Delayed?

Techland the original developer of Dead Island series decided to develop survival-horror game named “Dying Light” with WB games instead of the upcoming instalment of Dead Island. However, deep silver the game producer approached “Yager Development” and made the deal to complete ‘Dead Island 2’. Deep silver also promised that the action role playing game will be more Zippy and vivacious than it decided to be under the hand of Techland. Dead Island 2 Release date was scheduled to release in the mid of 2015 but its producer announced it will not reach the goal to make the game up to the mark until then and release date of Dead Island 2 will be delayed to 2016.

On the other hand, Timo Ullmann, the managing director of Yager Development said that the company dropped the project of developing ‘Dead Island 2’ as they were having trouble while making the final decision regarding the prospect of the game.

Well, as per the latest official twitter post of Dead Island 2, the present developer of the game (which is still unknown) is fully dedicated to meet the expectation of the gamers and Deep silver too. As it want to take the game to next level that people will talk about and feel the thrill while slaughtering zombie. Deep Silver has also promised to feature multiple character in Dead Island 2 gameplay to present it as a blood tingling one.

Dead Island 2 What Deep Silver Promised to Deliver:

  • Multiple Characters to Play with
  • Co-op gameplay to make Dead Island 2 rip-roaring and wondrous
  • More combat and hair-raising content to the game
  • Overall, a Zombie Slaughter me-lee which turns a paradise like into a hell

So, adding all these and maintaining a stimulating experience throughout all the levels of Dead Island 2 is not possible without high end graphics. According to the source, Dead Island 2 System requirements can be high enough than your expectation. check it below.

Dead Island 2 Characters

Deep Silver already gave a hint about the inside feel of Dead Island 2 to keep the ante up fir the game till its release in 2016. Several important places of United States like Hollywood sign, Los Angeles Beaches, iconic places of San Francisco, Santa Monica Pier and lots more. Interestingly, the game developer included several attractive characters to the game to make a solid option as a survival-horror game. Deep Silver already made a official announcement about the characters which are believed to be featured in Dead Island 2 Gameplay. Let’s check out who are going to help us to kill zombies this time.

Dead Island 2 Characters

All the characters of Dead Island 2 are playable, such as Dani also known as speeder who is a stunt-woman will team up with a volunteer fighter named Ryan (Berserker), a preacher named John (Bishop) and a fund character dubbed as Ashlee or Huntress a party girl as well as a party girl. These all characters are resistant to zombie virus, who will fight to clean the cities of United States.

Looking at the Dead Island 2 Trailer we can assume that the Gameplay of Dead Island 2 will be more of a cold-blooded and brutal. The weapon technology has also been improved as seen in the trailer. Well, as we mentioned earlier Deep Silver is fully dedicated to make the Dead Island 2 latest and greatest in terms of Horror-Survival game. Let’s wait till the launch of the game as we are waiting long, but the alluring Dead Island 2 Trailer/Gameplay recently published by Deep Silver really helped us to realize that the game is worth waiting for.

Dead Island 2 System Requirements

As the publisher, Deep Silver claimed that gamers would experience more brutal and fragile zombies in this upcoming instalment of Dead Island Series. The game will also feature deadlier and savage game play to a greater extent comparing to Dead Island (2011) and Dead Island: Riptide. Certainly, Dead Island 2 Requirements will be much higher as it would play up fitter graphics than other parts of DI Series. Now, let’s Dig into the Dead Island 2 System Requirements.

Dead Island 2 Requirements for PC

  • Processor: AMD FX-6100 @ 3.3 GHz or higher/ it would also run on Intel Core i5 2400s @ 2.5 GHz
  • Free Disk Space Needed: 12 GB
  • Video or Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6870 (1024 VRAM) or nVidia GeForce GTX 560Ti (1024 VRAM) or higher.
  • Dead Island 2 Platforms: Windows, PS 4, Xbox One
  • OS: 8.1 (64bit versions only), Windows 10
  • Sound Card Requirement: Yes
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.

Dead Island 2: Latest Speculations About The Game

After Deep Silver’s announcement about dropping Yager from the development process of Dead Island 2, the producer of the former developer of Dead Island series has recently been made a controversial statement about the upcoming instalment. Yes! Former developer means Techland, the company, which took interest in another horror surviving game named ‘Dying Light’. However, the Techland producer, Smektala said that Dead Island Series is his personal favourite game from the point of view of a gamer and he would love to develop the Dead Island 2, if Deep Silver approaches. Anyway, Deep Silver remained silent regarding the statement of Smektala and released the much awaited Dead Island 2 trailer of it recently.

On the other hand, after losing the project of Dead Island 2 and Spec Ops: The Line, developers of Yager went to make its own independent outfit named InBetweenGames. The stand alone company also released a mobile game dubbed as Mammoth: A Cave Painting. According to the officials, InBetweenGames are also looking forward to expand its reach to PC games in recent future and it will surely be the most interesting thing ever.

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Dead Island 2 Release Date, Price Details 

As we mentioned earlier that Deep Silver scheduled Dead Island 2 Release Date in 2015. However, for unknown reason the company timed out its deal with the last known developer of DI 2, Yager. Nevertheless, the final release date of Dead Island 2 is scheduled in 2016. The officials haven’t declared anything but it is rumoured to be available in August, 2016 Check details about Dead Island 2 Price below.

Dead Island 2 Release Date: August, 2016 (Probable)

Dead Island 2 Alternatives: Best Upcoming Zombie Survival Games of 2016-17

There’s still no official news regarding the development process of Dead Island 2, however 2016-17 is going to be a great for the gamers who love to feel the blood-tingling horror game play. Horror-survival games like Left 4 Dead 3, Resident Evil 7, Silent Hills are already lining up to bring the horror of hellish creature to whole another level. Let’s check, which can be the perfect alternative of Dead Island 2.

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Resident Evil 7: “Resident Evil 7” is Capcom’s attempt to bring back the old surviving aspect of the popular horror game. Well, it is indeed the Capcom’s biggest challenge to drive away all the negative vibe around the series in recent times. As Resident Evil 6 got plenty of negative reviews saying that Capcom lost the core aspect of a horror game and it should go back to its horror roots rather than just a third person shooting game.

Left 4 Dead 3: As Deep Silver still didn’t specify any particular Dead Island 2 Release Date, Left 4 Dead 3 would just be the perfect alternative of the upcoming instalment of Dead Island. The game is still under development process; Valve is known for its great ability of keeping secret about their upcoming game. So, it would be really interesting to see how Valve is gearing up to surprise the gamers.

Silent Hills: Silent Hills always provided the right amount of horror in a survival game, spine chilling music and graphics, hunted gameplay all you can find in Silent Hills. So, this is another game you can count on, if you are a horror-survival game lover.

Dead Island 2 Gets a Consolation Named Definitive Collection

Deep Silver is really trying hard to keep up the buzz of Dead Island 2 as the release date of the game has been delayed to 30th December, 2016. Yeah! they introduced a definitive collection of the popular zombie survival game. What is definitive collection? Well, it brings the two previous versions together, i.e. Dead Island: Riptide and Dead Island. Most importantly it will be available for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.

Deep Silver has also promised that gamers will experience a huge improvement in gameplay comparing to the original version of it. The definitive version also comes with all the pre-released patches and downloadable content, which really makes it interesting and a power packed element for the survival-horror game lovers. 30fps frame rate and 1080p resolution also make it a graphically vivid game. Following the recent trend, Deep Silver also decided to include a endless running edition of it named Dead Island: Retro Rampage. Hopefully, this collection will keep us busy till the release date of Dead Island 2, anyway Amazon has already started taking pre-order for Dead Island 2, which at least give us the hope that the game is finally going to be available for us at the end of this year. Stay with us for more update on the Dead Island 2 Pre-order, release date and trailer.

Dead Island 2 Xbox One Release Date, Other Gaming Console Details

As the publisher, Deep Silver announced that it broke the tie up with Yager as both the companies were having contrasting vision regarding the game. However, its present developer will soon confirm Dead Island 2 Xbox One Release Date.

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