iPhone 5 SE to release in ‘hot pink’

Apple like always manages to get its name into the headlines of tech news. No sooner did the predictions regarding the iPad Air 3 come up, than the rumors regarding the iPhone 5 SE started floating. It is expected and predicted that the iPhone 5 SE would launch not only in the usual colors like silver, Space grey, gold, and Rose gold,  but will also come in a new shade ‘hot pink’.

Apple iPhone 5 SE

As we all know that Apple never ceases to surprise the tech market with its products and product features. This time it is going to impress with a new look. It is being heard that the much talked iPhone 5 SE is going to be launched in a new shade of hot pink.

The phone has been ruling the social networks with a lot of rumors about itself. One more feather got added to the crown. More rumors regarding the iPhone 5 SE has been floating around. The most important rumor that has been floating is that this phone is going to be a 4inch iPhone. It is expected to have a curved glass and many improvised internal specs.

The internal specs being talked about are also going to include, A9 processor and is also going to support Apple Pay. The other key features which are going to be there of course include camera. All the iPhones being well know for high picture quality and retina display, the iPhone 5 SE is going to have a camera of 8MP. The other features probably are going to include Live Photos Support and Metal Casing.

Any Apple product creates a market even before it launches. iPhone 5 SE is no exception to this situation. It has already created a lot of curiosities in the minds of the people regarding the features. So the bset way to come to a conclusion about these curiosities is probably to wait eagerly and look forward to what the features are actually going to be.

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