No 3D touch for iPAD Air 3??

Though strange to hear but it is the fact that probably there will be no 3D touch for iPAD AIR 3. When the international tech market is getting flooded with newer and smarter technologies, it is quite strange to hear that a company like Apple is falling back as far as technology is concerned. It is hard to believe this.

However according to sources, Apple has decided to take this step due to the problems related to production, within the supply chain.  As this is the latest version of iPad all the Apple admirers had high expectation regarding all the technologies. So, many would be hurt to hear this rumor.

iPad Air 3

Now the main question that arises in everybody’s mind is that what could be the reason behind this kind of a decision which is practically a fallback of technology. As compared to the previous version, iPad Air 2, the iPad Air 3 should have been carrying more and better features. Other than the production issues if something could have been the problem, then that is production cost. So, if that would be the problem then the launching price should be something around the price of iPAD AIR 2, which is Rs.50, 000.

If production cost is not the issue then it could be expected that the manufacturer has plans to input other better features into the phone which might increase the cost. So perhaps, this has been done to keep the balance.

iPad Air is has been a favorite of many mainly due to the LED-backlit Retina display of 2048×1536-pixel resolution. If not the touch then at least something more than this display is something that people are expecting. In other words, people are expecting that if new and super improved features are not being implemented, then at least the iPad Air 3 would be configured with a better version of the features which were existing in the iPAD AIR 2.

So, we expect that at least iPad Air 3 will possess features which would be better than the previous version of the product. So now let us look forward to it and wait eagerly for the same.

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