Samsung’s Connect Auto dongle provides LTE support to vehicles

If your vehicle, specifically car, is of a decade or two old model then Samsung brings you the inevitable dongle named as Samsung Connect Auto which can be plugged into the OBD-II port. The following internet technology connects people providing high speed solutions under single mode of conveyance.


Samsung’s new dongle can also be used in new cars but now-a- days sedan versions have mostly an inbuilt technology of LTE. However, public possessing 90’s model cars can turn it in a wi-fi zone by connecting the new dongle to a port provided under the steering wheels. Including this excellent feature, it runs on Samsung Tizen Operating Systems. It helps in increasing fuel efficiency and monitor on driving behavior and adopt safer habits accordingly.

Samsung Dongle Release date and Availability 

The world renowned technology company is planning to amalgamate the auto and mobile industry. The all new user friendly dongle data has been supported and secured by Samsung Knox. It will be launched in the second quarter of this year and AT&T is believed to be its first carriers in U.S.A.

Thus, Samsung’s new dongle Samsung Connect Auto will bring a revolution for all the commuters who can benefit themselves with 4G LTE technology services anytime anywhere around the world.

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