Sony Xperia Eye Wearable Camera Is Being Developed For Future Release

Sony has ditch the wearable market this year and has launched two brand new products Xperia Ear and Xperia Eye in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016. While the Japan based company has hinted that they’ll probably release the Ear in the summer of 2016, Sony Xperia Eye, is for now, just a “conceptual vision” with no release date or specifications details whatsoever.

sony xperia eye

Little is know about the device, the concept design suggests that it’ll be worn around the neck, clipped to the cloth making it quiet visible. It’ll feature lifelogging camera – a wearable camera that capture everyday magic of your life – and a Narrative Clip 2 where the ‘Eye’ or camera can recognize faces and detect voices so it knows when to take picture, what moment to capture.

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Sony is getting further and calls this their intelligent shutter technology. Of course anyone wearing the Xperia Eye is wouldn’t want to end the day with a thousand pictures and then having to sought from them the one’s they want to keep and the one’s they want to discard. So it’ll be interesting to see what Sony comes up with. One back-draw of this tech is that its visible to plain view. The rectangular Xperia Eye is not meant to blend with your cloths like some of Sony’s rival companies wearable cameras are. The device comes with 360 degree spherical wide-angle lens.

As for the Sony Xperia Ear, it is worth noting that the tiny device with easily connect to you Android phone via NFC or Bluetooth. And we are hoping that it’ll function better than the Motorola earbud that was such a disappointment. Its light-weighed and comfortable to wear. although the company hasn’t announced any price but it’s expected to cost around $300, quiet similar to Moto Hint Plus.

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As wearable tech are going to rule the future we’ll constantly keep you updated.At Techvicity, we will constantly post on any updates of Sony Xperia Eye. In case we have missed anything interesting that you’ve heard about the Sony Xperia Ear, tell us in the comment section below.

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