How to Use WhatsApp Without Internet

The proprietary cross-platform instant messaging system for smartphones was acquired by Facebook in 2014. WhatsApp has been the best free instant messaging app for Android since it has existed. Though many other apps like Viber, LINE, WeChat, etc., Whatsapp tops the chart. People use Whatsapp to  send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages to other cellular mobile numbers via the internet. So if there’s no internet, then no Whatapp right? Wrong. Now you can use Whatsapp without internet too. Here’s how:

How to Use WhatsApp Without Internet

Before going into how to use Whatsapp without internet, lets jus clear a few things out. There’s app called Whatsapp Bluetooth Messenger that claims to do the work we have set out to do, i.e. Whatsapp without internet. Now the name itself is pretty evident that the app performs functions via Bluetooth. That mean if you want to chat vai this fake Whatsapp app made by Awesome Developers and not WhatsApp Inc then go ahead, by all means. But we can’t help wondering if you wanted to talk to anyone in the range of Bluetooth why wouldn’t you just use your mouth or some sort of gestures to grab attention. So using the Whatsapp Bluetooth Messenger is out of question.

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But what about using WhatsApp via SMS? The whole point of Whatsapp and a primary reason for its popularity is that it offers the facility to send message via internet which is relatively quiet cheap that the over-priced messaging facility offered by mobile networks. Therefore SMS via Whatsapp is ridiculous.

How To Use WhatsApp Without Internet:

Now moving ahead, how to use Whatsapp without internet, for real? By using ChatSIM.

Things You Should Know About ChatSIM:

The ChatSIM is a chat-specific global SIM card that in collaboration with several mobile networks allows the users to deliver data and MMS services. Everything works automatically, once you install the sim into your phone, the network picks up the signal and starts working accordingly. Its a kind of roaming service that you can use  you can’t get your usual phone network provider’s data signal, or if you’re travelling and there’s no Wi-Fi around and data roaming is prohibitively expensive. For a year of unlimited chats and texts, without exceeding the daily traffic limit, which is defined as: “the average traffic exchanged by all active basic rate ChatSim cards” in the ChatSIM, you need to pay  €10. In order to share multimedia content such as photos and videos or make voice calls you’ll need to buy a ‘recharge’, which costs €25 for 250 MB of traffic. The recharge expires in a year.

Key Features of ChatSIM – 

  • ChatSim connects all your ChatApps around the world.
  • You can chat free of charge and without any limit with WhatsApp.
  • Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, QQi.
  • And all other instant messaging Apps.
  • Includes unlimited words and emoji for a year.

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Wrap Up:

Remember that the ChatSIM is only for chatting and once you install it in your phone, you’ll find that its it actually blocking your traffic from non-chat apps in order to keep chat apps running smoothly. So will you use ChatSIM? Have you used it? tell us in the comment section below.

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