Volvo to configure its cars with Spotify

Volvo has announced at the MWC 2016 that it would integrate the cars with the Spotify app. The beginning of the app configuration will start from the cars namely, XC90, S90, and V90. According to the company, this app lets the travelers control the music, recognize handwriting, etc.

But if you’ve been using Spotify’s free service and plan on picking up a new Volvo this year, it’s time to move up to the paid version of the streaming service. Only the premium version of the app will allow the user to enjoy the integrated features of this app.

Volvo to configure its cars with Spotify

The another interesting feature is that it also supports Carplay. This feature has been provided because many new models of the company support the Carplay app. However, as we all know, that the Carplay is an Apple app, so it requires an iPhone to be plugged in.  Volvo says its Spotify app will be available in any country that the service currently operates in.

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Wrap Up

So that was all about the all new and integrated Spotify of Volvo. There will be many more updates available regarding the news of MWC on the site of Techvicity.

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