How to Disable iOS 9 System Animations Without Jailbreak

iOS 9 seems painfully slow sometimes. Did you know that system animations are the culprits. But you can disable the animation without having to jailbreak by this neat little trick we are are going to share today. For Android users, the process is pretty easy and popular. They can do it without having to root their tablet or smartphone. Although disabling the animation wouldn’t improve the raw performance of the device but the operating system will run smoother for the most part. As for iPhones and iPads, the job cane be done by using jailbreak but every iOS 9 user is not keen on using jailbreak. For them we have made a step-by-step guide on how to disable iOS 9 system animations without jailbreak.

iOS9 System Animations

How to Disable iOS 9 System Animations Without Jailbreak

Here are a couple but note that once you restart your device the animation will be stored right back. So this will only temporarily disable animations that appears whenever you open, close or switch between apps.

  • Open the ‘setting‘ app.
  • Tap on ‘general‘ and then got to ‘accessibility‘.
  • Tap ‘AssistiveTouch‘ and then tap the toggle to enable the feature.
  • Now you have to return to the ‘homepage‘ and drag the ‘white AssistiveTouch button‘ right hand bottom corner of the homescreen.
  • Following this ‘swipe down‘ on the screen to get into ‘spotlight‘.
  • The ‘swipe back‘ to dismiss it.
  • Now ‘repeat‘ the last two step (i.e. step 5 and 6 around 20 time).
  • Folks, you have disabled iOS 9 system animations without Jailbreak.

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What the process does is that it causes the Springboard animation engine to become ‘confused’. This results in the animation system to become disabled. Try opening a app and closing it. You’ll experience a clear acceleration of speed. Now you has an iOS device with no system animation. While discussing on the matter in reddit, one user cn98 explains, “For those that have still not gotten it to work… Start off with the assistive touch button in the right hand lower corner of the screen. Every time you slide down in spotlight search make sure you wait for the assistive touch button to move on top of the keyboard and continuously repeat steps 3 and 4.”

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Despite being an awesome hack trick, the drawback is that everytime you switch your device, switching it back will cause the animations to come back. But anyone who prefers speed improvement, can follow the procedure over and over.

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