Adidas Zone: Fitness Tracker Aimed At School Kids

Adidas unveiled a wearable fitness tracker especially made for school going kids to help them get into shape. Since the launch of Smart Run and Fit Smart, the sports giant Adidas has been laying quiet. For a long time people have been speculating on what the company might be working on, util Zone came along. The device is going to help teachers specially in PE classes to keep a close eye on of the health of his students.

adidas zone

Adidas revealed that they built the wearable in collaboration with Interactive Health technologies (IHT). The IHT is a nationwide assessment platform for physical platform for student in the US. The company had worked closely with schools, teachers, parents and other educators from where they received insightful data that helped them create Zone.

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The wearable has got a sporty body with an optical based heart rate monitor that’ll generate reading on its wearer. The device will monitor heart rates and the gathered informations stored in a cloud based curriculum and assessment platform. These data are then accessed by teachers and parents who come up with customised routine for the benefit of the individual students.

Besides monitoring heart rates, Adidas Zone has got NFC for quick tap-and-go syncing. The device has apparently got a large memory so as to hold informations. The device will go on sale in the IHT website and will also be a part of IHT’s Spirit Program in which students students are encouraged to participate and win prizes.

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As of now Adidas Zone is only available for US students but based of the effect results it produces, chances are the device will soon make its way to schools across the globe.

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