SIMS 5 Release Date and Features

Today for any kind of games, be it PC or mobile, the target audience does not only have children in the list. Rather, according to many survey done, it is found that the number of adults who are addicted to games are more in number than children. So today the number of games produced for adults or at least for children above 14-15 are more in number than the games produced for children. Such a game is SIMS 5. The fourth sequel of the game that is SIMS 4 was launched in t 2014 September. The next version of the game is releasing before 2019.

However, the producer of SIMS 4 has also said that the chance of launching SIMS 5 in the near future is much low. Right now the developers of the game are not working on any such sequel. However, there have been few of the features leaked about the ‘unworked’ sequel. So for the gamers, who got disappointed and irritated with the negative comment of the producer will be at least relieved to some extent. Actually the total working procedure and the schedule will depend solely on the market survey reports of the present version of the game. Though the fans are in love with the series, the next part will l;argely depend on the negativity or the positivity of the market survey report of the current version. So the responsibility behind the production of SIMS 5 depends not only the developer but also on its fans.

simsSIMS 5 Release Date

Whenever a series of games are launched, the developer follows a particular pattern. In case of the SIMS series the only and simple pattern followed is nothing but the period between of launch of two versions of the game is 5 year. As the latest version was launched in 2014, fans are expecting that the next one might launch on 2019.

Title Release Date
SIMS 2000
SIMS 2 2004
SIMS 3 2009
SIMS 4 2014
SIMS 5 20??

As we all know that the launch of the next version is totally a rumor till now, the features and other stuffs are also the same. So let us check out that what could be the probable features of SIMS 5.

Probable Features of SIMS 5

The basic things like the style and looks of the characters, hair color, hair color options, etc have been changed. Those changes are actually very simple. Apart from this the facial textures and other things have also changed. The facial expression can be customized with the genetic attributes like change in the eye bags, dimples, nose and philtrum button which makes the character more beautiful.

It is very easy to change the fixture of the Nose Bridge, nostrils, cheeks, lips, forehead and ear.

Changes like this might be simple and silly, yet these are funny. These help out the most when one particular feature throughout the game becomes a monotone. So, silly changes are much acceptable. Now the question in your mind might arise that how can you make the changes.

The body features of the characters can be modified and customized. The eye bags, dimples, nostrils, wrinkles, nose shape etc can be changed. Remember how you work on a photo editing app that allows you to beautify your face in a picture? The procedure remains the same here also.

To identify your character, you can make a specialization. The skin tone, iris, etc can be re modified. There are many shades as far as skin tone is concerned. Medium, light, dark, wheatish, etc tones are placed in the database. You can choose any one that you want and make your player look different so as to identify the character easily.

The game will act totally like a photo editing app that allows you to make changes to your face contours, eye color, hair color, hair style etc. the most interesting fact is that you can also change the clothes of the characters. There are many options of clothing. For both boys and girls, these changes and fun modifications are applicable on SIMS 5.

Now coming to the other changes, the surroundings, home, etc settings have been rechecked. According to the fans the changes that are demanded are that the options to buy houses of 3-5 bedrooms hould be added. The changes may also include reconstructing the house and re arranging the furniture and make the houses more spacious so that more people can stay into it. Apart from this the society and the living area that can be changed is that the parking space can be re-modified.


As far as the inner furnishing and construction of the house are concerned, the spaces can be thought over yet again. The stairs and corridors can be reconstructed and more patterns of stairs and corridors might be available. The doors and windows, the beds, bathrooms, etc can be modified. Today the furnishing system has totally changed. So the changes can be made by keeping in mind the modern day requirements and taste of people. As the game is totally based on our simple and daily lives, naturally the more it look real the more it will be liked and accepted by the people.

Most importantly, in a game the sound effects and animations are very important to keep the gamers up with the latest version. So keeping that thing in mind, the graphical features could be paid a little more attention.

Overall the game as a series has always remained very well accepted by the gamers. The game has its own simplicity and is natural. The game features some activities which are very simple and we do that in our daily lives, yet the way it is brought to us is very interesting. As the past few versions have remained very much appreciable, it is expected that the current version will also do well at the market. So, on the part of the developer and also the producer Grant Rodiek does not have to think on the matter if the next version will properly work out in the market.

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