5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 7

If we believe the latest rumors, Apple is going to ditch the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack in their upcoming flagship iPhone 7. If you are using the current edition or the previous editions obviously, you can keep it and listen to your favorite songs on it for the time being. But if you want to buy the recent model of this iPhone series what you will do? Will you stop listening to music or switch to Android smartphones? No, for both the cases it is looking absurd. Well, Bluetooth headsets are certainly an option for you. The Bluetooth headphone does not require any headphone jack and in this article, we will discuss the five best cheap Bluetooth headphones for iPhone 7.

For Gym: Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

If you hit the gym on a regular basis, you will certainly know the misery of using a wired headphone while doing the gym. The cord easily gets stuck or catches on the equipment. That is why a Bluetooth iPhone 7 headphone will be perfectly tailor made for you. Also, it is needless to say that the headphone need to sweat proof, else there will be a chance of short-circuiting. Moreover, we will also recommend a noise-isolating headphone for the gym purpose which will block out all the loud music blaring in the back. After all the motto of buying a headphone is to listen to your music, the tracks you have selected on your playlist.

iPhone 7 Bluetooth Headphones

If you search for an inexpensive, gym-friendly, noise blocking headphone, you will find a million of options on Amazon. You will even find headphones of such companies you have not heard of. But if you ask for our suggestion, we will recommend you to buy the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless iPhone 7 Bluetooth headphone. This in-ear headphone is originally priced at $99.99, but Amazon is currently giving a discount on the accessory, and you can buy it just for $39.99, depending on the color you are choosing.

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For Running: Cambond Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone

If you are a daily runner, you need an earphone which will stay put and resist sweat, rather than produce high-fidelity. So, in this case, we will recommend you to buy the Cambond Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone. This runner-friendly ear piece features ear-hooks which prevent the headphone from falling loose.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 7

Apart from that, this perfectly suited Bluetooth earphone for iPhone 7 comes with inline play/pause and volume controls along with a microphone. Moreover, this earbud runs for nearly 10 hours with a single charge and also support Bluetooth 4.1. That means you can keep two different handsets paired with this headphone. The Cambond Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone also comes with a zippered, tough-built carrying case. The headphone is priced at and available on Amazon for just $29.99.

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For Around the House: Creative Sound Blaster Jam

When you are just relaxing in the home and enjoying your favorite songs, you will look for such a wireless Bluetooth headphone which will be lightweight as well as comfortable. But if you think comforts only come with a hefty price, you are wrong. Creative Sound Blaster Jam, inexpensive yet comfy wireless Bluetooth headphone will be the perfect answer you are looking for your iPhone 7.

Cheap Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

You can listen to songs for a long time as this comes with a head-friendly design and also the sound quality of this headphone is just tailor-made for domestic purpose. Moreover, the Creative Sound Blaster Jam includes NFC for one-tap pairing to devices that support the technology. This wireless Bluetooth headset for iPhone 7 is priced at $36.99 on Amazon.

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For Travelling: Skullcandy’s Ink’d Wireless

When you are traveling by train or flight, the chaotic environments demand a noise-isolating headphone, which will cancel out all the noise and will form a soundproof seal inside your ear canal. This type of technology is dubbed as passive noise cancellation. You can also go for the headphones with the active noise cancellation technology, the earbuds which depend on electronics rather than rubber, but that will cost you a lot more than Skullcandy’s Ink’d Wireless headphones.

top 5 Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 7

Priced at around $50, Skullcandy’ s Ink’d Wireless is very lightweight, comes with a comfy design, features evenly balanced sound and also offer the users large controls over the neckband. The headphone is available on Amazon and also in various colors.

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To use it with your current headphones

If you don’t want to discard the awesome headphone you are currently using just for the sake of buying the all new iPhone 7, we also have that solution for you. You can easily buy an adapter which will add Bluetooth capabilities to any wired earphones you currently own. We are sure Apple will provide a Lightning-to-headphone adapter with the iPhone 7 for the wired headphones, but that requires another level of hassle.

Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 7

Instead, buy the Jumbl Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Calling & A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter/Receiver which will allow you to plug in any 3.5mm stereo jack, and then pair it with your iPhone 7. This adapter runs on for 10 hours on a single charge, features a handy belt-clip and comes with volume controls, which most of the wired headphones do not offer.

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So folks, hopefully, this article on best cheap wireless Bluetooth headphones for iPhone 7 has helped you a lot. So don’t just wait, order your favorite earbud and rock your life with this awesome smartphone.

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