Android 7.0 (N) To Bring DVR and Picture in Picture Feature in Android TVs

Android 7.0 (Nougat) is coming up with a new feature that may change the way of watching smart TV in future. That’s why a rumor is saying, Android 7.0 will feature a “picture-in-picture” option with DVR feature for Android TV.

Biggies like Microsoft and Apple are running for getting into the high-end smart TV market. Google is not far behind. Microsoft’s home theater PC market is wrapped up well while Google and Apple are lagging behind in the offerings. Google has refocusing on their product line to refine the features of the smart TVs. Currently, Google is offering two type of products. The first one is with a stand-alone box which you can use with your television, and another one comes as a high-end TV packed with Android operating system.


DVR Class Feature

In the first one, you need to go through the set-top box tuner for changing the channel while in the second one you don’t have to go to any set-top box. There is a built-in tuner in the TVs. This is called the IP tuner. This feature strengthens the arms of DVR capabilities and live-TV recording in the Android TVs. Android 7.0 will feature some new options that can directly be used to record TVs, just like the Apple’s new iOS 10!

With the latest Android, Marshmallow (Android 6.0) Android TV can be paused, rewind and resume with Google time shifting API’s. Android 7 is coming up with a full featured recording support. With new OS, the Android TVs will be able to record multiple recordings at the same time. Be ready for it.

Picture in Picture Feature

This is a new feature that may change our concept of live-streaming show viewing. Android 7.0’s multi-window feature enables to put the viewable portion of an app into a 240x135dp. It’s a cool feature, isn’t it?? You can easily navigate through many windows at a time. You can see a video while replying the emails!!

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