How To Capture Screenshot on Your Galaxy Note 7

Multitasking requires some basic needs. The screenshot is one of them. We are already aware of the process of capturing screenshot but do you know that on Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can take screenshots in a couple of ways?

New Function in Screenshot: With new Galaxy Note 7, Samsung introduced a new feature called “scrolling screenshot” where you can scroll the whole page and take the screenshot of the full page without missing anything, This function was firstly introduced by the Xiaomi.


Let’s know the tricks of capturing screenshots in Galaxy Note 7.

How to take a screenshot in Galaxy Note 7

As we have already mentioned that there are s couple of ways to capture screenshots on Note 7. Let’s start with the most basic one- standard screenshot.

How to take standard screenshot on Note 7 Using Volume and Power Key

It’s very basic. Here are the steps to do it-

  1. Open the page (content), you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Now press and hold the “Power” and “Home” button both for two seconds.
  3. You will notice a screen flash and a notification will appear on the top of the screen.
  4. Check that “Notification” and get the “screenshot” captures just a moment ago.

How to take Palm Swipe screenshot on Galaxy Note 7

galaxy note 7 screenshot

It’s a new type of operation. Follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Open the page or the content you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Place your old fingers along the edges of the Note 7 and make a swipe from the edges vertically.
  3. You can see a screen flash and the job is done!!
  4. Get the notification and get the captured image there.

# if this process is not working on your Note 7 then check the options mentioned in the below string and enable the option- Settings > Motion and gestures> Enable.

How to take scrolling screenshot on Note 7

There is an option- “Capture More” which allows users to take full page/ full content screenshot easily. Keep capturing multiple screenshots one after another and this mode will add all together and a single image for you. When you want to capture a full web page this method works like a charm.

How to capture screenshot using S Pen on Galaxy Note 7

Note 7 features an intelligent motion-sensing Pen called “S Pen”. Do you know that using this simple looking pen you can take screenshots in a few seconds? Check the following steps to find out the trick-

  1. Open the page or the content first.
  2. Get the S Pen and launch Air command. Simply tap on the option- “Screen Write”.
  3. The screen will flash and a single screenshot will be captured.
  4. Using the “Edit” option you can edit the image of the screenshot.

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