Know Moto Mods Features Before it Launches at the IFA 2016 Event

Along with Sony, Lenovo will also be presented at the upcoming IFA 2016 event in Berlin, which is going to begin on 2nd September and will finish on 7th September. So before this mega tech event kicks off, Lenovo is planning to host a pre-IFA 2016 event on August 30 to give the users and the tech enthusiasts a fair bit of idea of what the Chinese tech conglomerate is going to unveil in Berlin. Lenovo has launched a video to tease their fans with the new products soon to be released at the IFA 2016 event –including the new Moto Mods, new Yoga laptops, “a new chapter in tablets” and “a whole new kind of intuitive keyboard”. It is also expected that Motorola will unveil the new Moto 360 smartwatch at the same event, although are no concrete news on that.

Motorola Moto Mods

In the teaser, the Lenovo-owned company confirms that they are going to unveil the Moto Mods, a series of modular accessories, at Berlin. In June, the company announced that Moto Z and the Moto Z Force would be equipped with the Mods. As per the report, three Moto Mods will be unveiled during the event, and each accessory will connect to the smartphone through a 16-pin connector on the back. The JBL SoundBoost speaker Moto Mod will enhance the sound quality of the handset and will introduce the quality stereo sound to the device. The Instant-Share pico projector Moto Mod will rejuvenate the video watching experience of the users and is expected to deliver a 70-inch projector experience to the buyers. And the Incipio offGRID Power Pack Moto Mod will boost the battery life of the device and according to the company claims will provide up to 22 hours of additional battery life.

So now the question arises what a mod is? What modular accessories do? Well, this technique was first introduced by LG when they launched the LG G5 at the beginning of the year. But unlike the LG G5 mods, on Moto Z, the users don’t have to physically remove the bottom of the phone to swap the modules. Instead, the Moto Z will be equipped with strong magnets which will hold the accessory in place on the rear panel of the handset.

Each module will come with its battery

Although the battery Moto Mod can charge by its own, the Instant-Share Projector and the JBL Speaker Mod needs to get charged. So each Moto Mod will come with USB-C charging port so that the users can charge it with the same cable they use to charge the Moto Z handset. But the software will switch off the phone before the user starts charging up a mod.

Moto battery Mods

Also, the user can check out the battery level of the Moto Mod in various ways. They can either slide down the notification panel where the current battery status of the Mod will be displayed, or they can open the quick settings panel, and check the Moto Mod battery meter, next to the phone’s battery meter.

There will also be an indicator which will tell the users how much charge is left in the Mod. A continuously blinking green light will reveal the battery is full, a steady green depicts the Mod has 51-99 percent charge, steady amber means 16-50 percent battery left, and a steady red depicts 6-15 percent of battery. A continuously blinking red light indicates the battery is just about out to die.

Moto Mod App

It is most likely that Moto Mods app will come installed with the handset, but still it is better to check out whether you have the latest version of Moto Nods Manager installed on your device or not. To those buyers who are interested in buying the projector mod, there is an app for this particular mod too.

Settings Change, Software Update

Depending on the Mod you are using, there are some changes in the settings for each and every mod. Like if you use a battery mod, you can either use the Efficiency mode which will keep the phone’s battery at 80% or you can fully drain out the mod battery to keep your phone’s battery fully charged. To access the settings as well as change it, you need to visit Settings then to Moto Mods.

Moto Mods Software Update

Similarly, if you want to change the settings of the Projector Mod, you simply need to turn on the projector mod from the settings and then have to press the power button on. Now you can change the brightness or the keystone settings of the processor.

To update the software of the Moto Mod, open Moto Mods Settings > About this Moto Mod > Software updates. Though currently, no updates are available it just a matter of time.

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