Philips launched new age content driven LED TVs, available only on Amazon

The official brand license partner of Philips in India, PE Electronics, has decided to revolutionize the whole TV segment in the country as they have unveiled the new age content-driven LED TVs on Wednesday with the collaboration of e-commerce giant Amazon India.

Philips 4K LED TV

Philips has launched this new age content-driven LED TVs in two variants. The first model comes with 65”screen size & high-end curve 4K Ultra HD display, and costs Rs. 69,990. While the other model flaunts only Full HD display with the same 65”screen size and is priced at Rs. 59,990.

Both the LED TVs are powered by iKlub and according to the company, claims will be a one stop solution for all the information, entertainment, and communication requirements. That means the users will no longer have to subscribe to the premium services like Movies, HD DTH, Social Media, Games, Music and for the first time and the technology is being used for the first time in the country.

Talking about the movies, this modern age content platform LED TV facilitates its users to download full-length movies in various languages such as English, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, and other languages. Not only that, apart from the LED TV sets, the content driven platform will also work on the user’s phone and PCs. The Netherland-based company will offer the buyers the content of more than 2,00,000 hours and unlimited LIVE TV recordings for more than 400 channels.

This new age content-driven platform is also a real help for the game freaks as it also facilitates the gamers to play and downloads games from online or from the app stores. Moreover, the users can also access to various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram from their TV set.

The COO of PE Electronics said in a statement on the launch event, “To cater to this growing need of content requirement Philips has launched its new range of LEDs powered by new age content-driven platform. With these LEDs, we start a revolution where consumers decide what they want to watch and when, be it movies, music, games, Live TV or social media. This new range will be exclusively available on within a week.”

This modern day Philips content-driven LED TVs will be will be exclusively available on Amazon India.

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