RCom Offers 300 Minutes of 4G App-to-App Calling at Re 1

Reliance Communications (RCom) has launched an offer called ‘Call Drops Se Chhutkara’. It officially translates to ‘relief from call drops’ and offers 4G LTE services with 300 minutes of app-to-app calling for Re. 1. Although the pack is likely to be very popular but it goes against net neutrality that says there can’t be any discrimination based on the types of app.

RCom offer

Only Reliance 4G LTE users in Delhi-NCR can avail the offer. They can use any voice calling app, Skype, WhatsApp,  Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. Reliance says that under the offer users will be able to enjoy HD voice quality and instant connections. But of course the end result will also depend on the kind of app you are using. Users will get 7MB of data credited daily into their accounts, which translates to 10 minutes of HD voice calls each day. If you can’t use up the 7MB data in a day then the data credit will not be carried over to the next day. Instead it’ll be forfeited.

RCom has informed that the Rs. 1 offer of 300 minutes of app-to-app calling is split over 30 days, meaning users will get to enjoy the service only 10 mins each day.

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During  the launch, Gurdeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Business, Reliance Communications, said, “We have always had a strong emotional connect with Delhi-NCR and the people here, and are excited to redefine voice calling with our ‘Call Drops Se Chhutkara’ offer, providing app-to-app talking and complete freedom from call drops. Using the Reliance 4G LTE network, customers will experience High-Definition quality and instant connectivity, freedom from slow Internet access and blazing data speeds on the digital superhighway. Best of all, existing and new Reliance 4G LTE customers will switch to the new way of calling, and enjoy instant and crystal clear voice with great savings.”

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