Top Ten Weather Apps for Android Users

Today the weather changes like anything previously; there used to be a concept in everybody’s mind that London has the most unpredictable weather conditions. Nothing can be more unpredictable than London’s weather. However, the scenario has totally changed today. Due to global warming and the increasing level of Green House Gases in the atmosphere, the climate conditions are changing, leading to the change in the weather conditions of an area. So, in the morning whatever you must have read in the newspaper about the day’s weather conditions might change any moment. Now that you have got an Android phone in your hand, a simple weather apps for Android can do the magic.

So, to be up to date with the weather news of every time and moment, the best possible way is to keep a weather app on the phone. The Play store has a lot of free weather apps for Android. But, when it comes to selection, we do get confused regarding which app to select and install. Don’t worry! Here we present the best weather apps for Android.

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Weather Apps for Android

#1 Transparent Clocks and Weather

Transparent clock & world weather is a full-featured, completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast application and widget. This app comes first if you are looking up for an app that lets you know the accurate weather of any place from anywhere.

The app comes with a logo which holds the picture of a Sun. This will attract you the most when you look up for the weather apps for Android on Playstore. The app is very easy to use and keeps you updated every time. With just one click you receive the weather condition in your status bar at your current location.

Google Play

#2 Daily Hourly Weather Forecast


As the name suggests, the app keeps you updated every day on an hourly basis. This helps you to stay up to date with the current and the latest weather updates always. You will not only get the local weather forecasts but also the world weather. You can also turn on notifications, and the app will let you know time to time about the important weather news like a storm, rain, etc.

Google Play

# 3 Yahoo Weather

The name itself describes what the app is all about. It is the weather app made by the search engine Yahoo. Just like the weather check of the search engine Google, this app is the product of the company Yahoo. You will not only receive the weather probabilities of the day but also the month.

Google Play

#4 The Weather Channel

The weather channel is one of the best weather forecast apps and gives you the vivid explanation of the weather of not only an area butt also a big region. Changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most.

Google Play

#5 Weather Clock and Widget Android

weather widget

This app is not exclusive to Android. This is also available for other operating systems. This app provides a detailed weather information for the whole world location. It also provides current weather condition, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance, precipitation in different units, ultraviolet Index, etc.

Google Play

#6 India Satellite Weather

best rated weather apps for android

The name itself says that the app is India based and does not provide the weather report information for the whole world. It is limited for India, and so it comes at the bottom line of the top list of the weather apps for Android. However, it has some good features too. It is very well equipped with data caching capabilities and will never download duplicate data from the server. The downloaded weather maps will be stored locally and can be accessed offline.

Google Play

#7 Weather Kitty

top weather apps for android

As the name says, the logo features the picture of a kitty. The best part about this app is that whenever you will open the weather app and check the weather, you will smile looking at the cute and innocent kitty. It does not only open the weather forecasts but also lets you change the theme of the app. It has over 500 kittens and 10 themes.

Google Play

#8 3D Digital Weather Clock

best weather apps for Android

This app will inform you about the details of the weather conditions of each and every place and time. For a day, it divides the time and then gives you the report. E.g it will separately show you the report of morning, afternoon, night, etc.

Google Play

#9 Weather Puppy


Just like the above-mentioned kitty, the pups will also make you smile whenever you open the weather forecast app. The logo comes with an image of a cute puppy. The puppy changes with weather and time. Multiple puppies to choose from, you can even add your own doggy. The app will let you stay updated with the weather reports of the world and also your locality.

Google Play

#10 Accuweather


Accuweather is one of the best apps for the weather report. Using this free Android app, you can select your region and then can check weather report easily. The design of the UI os really good and easily navigatable options let you check the weather on the Go. It supports Android wears too.

Google Play

Wrap Up

So these were the best weather apps for Android. We hope that the list would not only help in selection, but you will also be satisfied with anyone that you use out of the weather apps mentioned above.

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