How To Fix Apple iPhone Cracked Screens

Apple’s flagship smartphone line of iPhones cost more or less a fortune nowadays with the latest and more advanced editions of the device coming out by the day. With technological advancements every other day in the field of smartphones the devices are coming equipped with every convenience which can be thought of today including a shatter-proof strong glass to protect the iPhone screens from shattering in case of minor falls and drops.

iPhone Broken

But accidents can always happen and they never happen with a morning. And there can be several unfortunate circumstances or instances where the iPhone screens might end up getting cracked or broken and requires an immediate fixing in order to continue using it. Now, the question is the premium phone which in itself costs a fortune must be very expensive to repair as well? Well, yes and no. It all depends on where the repairing is done from:

Traditional Methods apart from the AppleCare +:

Startups like Redwood, California-based iCracked have made a business out of fixing cracked smartphone screens at a more competitive price. The company sends technicians to your home, work or even a bar to repair a device for an approximate amount of $100.

For customers  with no AppleCare+ plan, the cost of a screen repair will run between $129 and $149.

AppleCare + Repair Program Update for iPhones:

Apple has made a number of significant changes to their AppleCare + Program which saw them make certain adjustments in the pricing of the service which is already in effect.

Under the previous AppleCare+ repair program, customers have long been charged $99 for repairs of current-generation devices and $79 for repairs of previous-generation devices. Instead of paying the full $99, AppleCare+ customers will only have to pay a $29 fee for repairs to be made on a cracked screen. AppleCare+ costs $129 for all iPhone models except for the iPhone SE, which will only cost $99 for coverage. This means that for users of most iPhone models who purchased an AppleCare+ plan, the first screen replacement will carry a total cost of $158, including the cost of the Apple Care+ plan and the $29 screen repair fee.

The new AppleCare+ terms for iPhone:

  • Under AppleCare+ for iPhone, you will pay a $29 (U.S.) dollar (CA$39) service fee plus applicable tax for a Screen-only ADH Claim or a $99 (U.S.) dollar (CA$129) service fee plus applicable tax for All Other ADH Claim.

However, before availing the services of the AppleCare+, you must first be an AppleCare+ Customer. Enrollment costs $129 and includes two repairs due to “accidental damage from handling” (ADH). That means the first screen repair will cost a cool $158 in total. But the next one will be just $29.

AppleCare+ for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were revealed to be a water resistant device, and so with an AppleCare+ plan, users who have purchased the latest addition to Apple’s latest smartphone line. AppleCare+ for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will also cost $129, and can be purchased upon the start of preorders for the smartphones starting on September 9.

A Do-It-Yourself iPhone screen replacement kit will cost $40 to $60, which works out to three or four screen repairs. However, purchasing and using this kit will void the phone’s warranty.

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