Pokemon Sun and Moon Available for Pre-Order on Amazon India at Rs.4,099

There is  a definite good news for Pokemon fans as Amazon India has the hotly awaited duo of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, up for pre-order for Rs. 4,099 each. Amazon India’s listing shows Sameo – a brand by which Mumbai-based distributor Sunder Electronics operates under, as the supplier, and promises a November 18 release date, which is the international release date itself. To put it into perspective, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby cost Rs. 3,799 a piece at launch. “Pokémon Sun and Moon,” despite just being a few more weeks before the official release date, is still getting tonnes of revelations. One leak suggested that the concept of Mega Evolutions might be thrown into the game which has raised quite a number of eyebrows and has triggered millions of enquiry searches from players on Google.


A new feature called Pokemon Refresh was officially added to the game as revealed through the company’s website. According to International Business Times, the new feature will allow the players to clean up their Pokemon after a battle. It was revealed that players can clean them up by brushing the dirt off of them. It was also said that with the new feature, poisoned and paralysed Pokemon can also be healed, getting them back into shape faster after an intense battle. Another use of the new feature is that it can help ensure that each Pokemon can become stronger and be more ready for the next battle. The feature also lets the player pet their Pokemon and feed them Poke Beans in order to regain their strength and maintain good health.

Passiman, a fighting type creature is also being introduced in Pokemon Sun along with Oranguru, which is a Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Moon.

The price of the Pokemon Games on the E-commerce site might seem a little bit too steep compared to the price of the games in the US is around $40 (around Rs. 2,666) but that is how it is for now, and unless Nintendo decides to lower the game prices in India. If the price is still a problem and you need it any cost whatsoever, the maximum you can do is create a Nintendo eShop account with a US address and purchase eShop cards from a site like Play-Asia or Maximus Cards. Then you can buy it digitally from your 3DS, for approximately Rs. 2,700.

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