Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, Features, Rumours

Microsoft‘s Surface Book 2-in-1, that serves simultaneously serves as a tablet and a computer was generally well received by users upon its release. Critics praised its combination of a unique design and sophisticated appeal alongside being a powerful Windows 10 device on the inside. But even though it scored big with critics on most of its aspects, some of its features left something to be desired. Now a year after its release, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a heavily anticipated device, though when the tech giant is planning to release the upcoming computer is yet unconfirmed.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, Features

Microsoft Surface Book 2: Last year’s Surface Book came bundled with a lot of impressive add-ons along with great specs. One of the standout features was the sophisticated docking system that the device utilised. The tablet part of the Surface Book, called the Clipboard, never once threatens to fall off while being attached to the base. However, one major con of the undocking mechanism is that its functionality stalls with loss of power. This means you cannot undock the Clipboard once the power in the tablet runs out. Additionally, the Surface Book’s docking mechanism is also software-dependant, which makes it easy for an unforeseen system glitch to affect the detachment of the Clipboard. Fixing this aspect in the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will give the company a leverage over all the other existing hybrid devices available in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the other rumoured features and possible upgrades that we may see in the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Battery: We expect Microsoft to launch the Surface Book 2 with a well-needed boost in the Clipboard’s battery life. The Surface Book comes with two batteries, one for the keyboard section and one for the Clipboard, but while the keyboard part is powered by a 51Wh battery, the Clipboard runs on a meagre 18Wh cell. Users from every corner have reported that the tablet lasts less than 3 hours when used independently, making the Surface Book a poor performer as a whole. The Microsoft Surface Book 2, on the other hand, can rectify this error by packing in a more powerful battery for the Clipboard that will help it run for a decent amount of time without the need to be docked again. While on the battery topic, we wouldn’t mind an upgraded cell for the keyboard part either.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Build: Microsoft used a magnesium alloy to build the body of the Surface Book, which they claimed provides for a more durable body than aluminium made devices while being lighter at the same time. However, the entire device weighs significantly higher than many of the similar devices on the market, making portability an issue. The Surface Book is also considerably thicker than many other such devices in its range.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 will certainly see an improvement in this department. For this reason, the new and improved Surface Book 2 is rumoured to be powered by the latest seventh generation Core i series chip from Intel, called the Kaby Lake, which is built with a 14-nm manufacturing process. The new chip is said to be able to power thinner, lighter devices more efficiently than its predecessors that are found in the Surface Book. The inclusion of this new processor will also provide a boost to the Microsoft Surface Book 2‘s display, as it claims to be able to manage 4K Ultra HD content far more efficiently than other units.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Display: As mentioned above, the Kaby Lake chip is able to support 4K UHD content far better than the Skylake. Keeping in line with this, rumours suggest that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will sport a powerful 4K display with a supported resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. Microsoft is likely to stick with the earlier display size of 13.5-inches.

One of the major factors that presented a challenge to new users was the 3:2 aspect ratio screen. It is unclear if Microsoft will change that to a more regular 16:9 or even 4:3 with the new Surface Book 2. Changing the aspect ratio may have its benefits for those who are used to using similar devices. However, a 3:2 screen has its own merits: the Surface Book shipped with a sophisticated stylus that would allow users to use the Clipboard like a piece of paper. The aspect ratio that the screen comes with makes it more convenient for using similarly to a piece of paper, especially while reading or jotting down notes. So what we finally have is a balanced amalgamation of the existing and new features in the Surface Book 2‘s display.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date

Despite a complete lack of official information pertaining to the upcoming device, it is rumoured that Microsoft is already engaged in developing an improved version of 2015’s Surface Book. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is speculated to be officially launched during the third quarter of 2016.


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