Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Price, Features and Key Specs

Not very long ago, Microsoft has launched their latest tablet the superb Microsoft Surface Pro 4. But, we the tech savvy people don’t get satisfied with a product launch. So the rumours have already been started blowing in the wind about the upcoming Surface Pro 5 release date, price, features and the key specifications. Though the America based technological conglomerate has not spilt the beans officially about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 launch date or price but the fans and pundits have already started speculating about this laptop-killing tablet. So friends, let’s check out what we can expect from the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Price, Specs

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date

Microsoft’s event on October 26 in New York will undoubtedly focus on Windows 10 and the different hardware devices that best exemplify the number of features that come with the updated operating system. While many agree that this includes the speculated Microsoft All-In-One Desktop, these same outlets are saying that the much awaited Surface Pro 5 will not make an appearance.

As we have already mentioned, nothing including the Surface Pro 5 release date has been announced officially by Microsoft. But monitoring the pattern and considering the Surface Pro 4’s launch date, we have assumed a time-frame by which Surface Pro 5 could be unveiled. Moreover, a Release Date Portal has also helped us to put logic behind these speculations. According to that portal and sources working closely with this project, the Surface Pro 5 may launch within the first quarter of 2017.

Not entirely depending upon the release date portal, we have also checked when the previous two models of these incredible tablets, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 hit the market. Well, Surface Pro 3 was launched back in May 2014, whilst most of the models became available from late June that year. On the other hand, Surface Pro 4 was unveiled in October 2015 and the tablet was ready for purchase from later that month.

So, we think, Microsoft will pick the same window, more likely February 2017, to release their fifth version of the Surface Pro tablets. It will be highly surprising if Microsoft were able to shorten its product cycle for a February or earlier release.

All these are speculations and assumptions based on certain facts obtained pertaining to the device in question. However, we do not know for sure whether Microsoft has bailed on its plans to release this spectacular piece of machinery at its launch event later this month or not.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Price

If you notice the latest trend of the modern tech products, especially the Smartphone and tablets market, you will find out there are not drastic differences in price between the older version of a device and its next one. So taking that logic into consideration, the basic model of the upcoming Surface Pro 5 (the Intel Core i5 model) should be priced at $899 (£749, AU$1,349). The price will then escalate if you opt for the higher models, with better configuration and accessories. So check out below what could be the price of Surface Pro 5 of different configurations:

Surface Pro 5 (Intel Core i5) Intel Core i7 Intel Core i7 Extreme
$899 $999 $1599

As we said, it is the probable price, so that means the price can actually differ when released. But we don’t think that Microsoft will deviate too far from the pricing standard they have set over the years. So unless, the company incorporates any jaw-dropping technology in the upcoming Surface Pro 5, the price should be more or less same that we anticipate.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Features


The feature we anticipate most before every Surface Pro releases is its stylus. With every new version Microsoft upgrades its Stylus Pen subsequently and the accessory comes bundled with each tablet. Patently Mobile, the famous website for Samsung, Google & Microsoft patents, recently revealed about a patent filed by Microsoft for a stylus which comes with a rechargeable battery system.

Surface Pro 5 'Surface Pen'

Image Courtesy: Patently Mobile

The Surface Pen of the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will feature a magnetic charging dock built from which the stylus will get powered by. Some connectors will also be present in the stylus for Surface Dock mounting, which will also help the stylus to get its juice. This move from Microsoft makes sense as their arch rival Apple has already incorporated this technology in their iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil and is also providing an extra edge over the Surface Pen and moreover on Surface Pro tablets. Notably, the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil comes with the ability to to charge by awkwardly connecting to the tablet via its Lightning port.

Longer Battery Life

Though Surface Pro 4 is a technological wonder by all means, but its battery capacity and the battery backup has disappointed many fans and tech enthusiasts. When we test the Surface Pro 4, the tablet produces a 5 hours and 15 minutes of video playback, a way short of the company’s promised 9 hours of video playback. Not only that, the users also reported that they are having some issues with the tablet’s “Sleep” mode.

We all know that it is very hard to keep the promises for a laptop especially in the case of battery longevity. Not all laptops can provide the battery backup like MacBook Air after all. But, if we take an average realistically and ideally, the Surface Pro 5 should give at least 7 hours of battery life. Microsoft is working to sort out this battery related issue, as unless they would lag in competition with its rival devices like iPad Pro and MacBook Air.

Bigger Screen with Better Resolution

Surface Pro 4, with its brilliant screen resolution, has toppled many of its fierce rivals both in the tablet and laptop segment. The Surface Pro 4 flaunts a 12.3-inch screen with 2,736 x 1,824 pixels resolution and a staggering razor-sharp 267 ppi. But that does not mean Microsoft has discarded the idea to better the screen size and the resolution.

Microsoft is trying to equip the upcoming Surface Pro 5 with 4K displays (3,840 pixels wide, at least) so that they can enhance the productivity and entertainment capabilities of the device massively. So maybe finally you can enjoy your favourite photos, movies and TV shows on a mesmerising 4K screen.

The screen size of the current Surface Pro device is pretty big in terms of a tablet. But as the company is calling the Surface Pro 5 a laptop killer and as the device is competing in the laptop segment & with the other laptops, the company is keen to cross the barrier of the size of for most laptops: 13.3 inches. Microsoft is leaving stones unturned to erase the thin fine line between tablets and laptops and establish the Surface Pro 5 as the perfect substitute of laptops.

 The size of the iPad Pro (12.9-inches) has also motivated the Microsoft engineers to push themselves a bit further. Another fact that goes into Surface Pro 5’s way is the incredible 4K display and the biggest advantage of it, an increase in the screen won’t bump up the resolution too much.

Incorporating USB-C Port

As the Google Chromebook Pixel and MacBook are the two pioneers to adopt this latest modern day USB technology, it is time to numerous smartphones, tablets and laptops to follow the same path. Many users have lodged their slight discomfort regarding the Surface pro 4’s input/output technology and the USB-C port may provide the perfect solution of this problem. Also, embracing this versatile and reversible port will alleviate the entire Surface Pro product line, which a USB 3.0 port has failed to do.

Microsoft has already successfully featured the USB-C port within its new Lumia phones, so it should not be a massive problem for the engineers to applying the same technique into the Surface Pro 5.

Improved Cortana Experience

We can say it for sure that Microsoft will come with a better and improved version of their in-house OS bot, Cortana in the upcoming Surface Pro 5. Microsoft has already gathered a huge number of data from the Windows 10 users and they are going to revamp Cortana completely and will make it more intelligent and user-friendly.

Upgraded Processor

Though there are very little chances, but Microsoft may house the newest Intel Kaby Lake processor into the Surface Pro 5. Microsoft now uses the previous version of Kaby Lake processor, the Intel Sky Lake Processor or simply the Intel 6th generation processor to power the Surface Pro series devices. Kaby lake Processor is in its development and testing phase now, but there is still 5 to 6 months left to launch the Surface Pro 5. So if the engineers can pull off a miracle, we can actually see a new processor in the Surface Pro 5 devices.

Wrap Up

So, if the speculations are rumors are to be believed there are still good 5 to 6 months left to Surface Pro 5 hit the shelves. In the meantime, the rumor mill will keep on churning, many official news and images regarding the Surface Pro 5 will break on the internet. To know more about the Surface pro 5 release date, price and detailed features, kindly visit our website on daily basis till Microsoft unveils this technological beast.

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