Apple initiates repair program for iPhone 6 Plus plagued with ‘touch disease’ issue

The iPhone 6 Plus users were complaining about a certain touch issue for quite a long time and resolving the ‘touch disease’ Apple has launched a repair program for those iPhone 6 Plus users who are currently suffering from the very problem. The US-based tech conglomerate has termed the issue as ‘touch disease’, which causes the handset’s display to start flickering or the multi-touch function stops working. Apple says the issue happens because a handset might have dropped on a hard surface for too many times which caused “further stress on the device.” Although the Cupertino-based tech giant has launched the repair program, they are not doing it for free of cost and charging a lump sum amount of money for the repairing job.

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease

Many iPhone 6 Plus users have complained that they touchscreen of their phone is not working properly and a “thin grey line” appears at the top of the display quite often. But Apple is solely putting the blame on the users for being careless with the device and said they would charge $149 to repair those problematic iPhone 6 Plus, provided the handset is in working order and does not come with a cracked display.

Moreover, Apple also assures they will reimburse those customers who might have “paid for a service repair related to this issue either through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.” Not only that, as per the company, “the reimbursement amount will equal the difference between the price paid for the original service and the $149 service price.”

So if you are using an iPhone 6 Plus and facing this ‘touch disease’, get in touch with Apple as soon as possible. The company will examine your handset first to check whether your device is eligible for the program or not before they provide any service. Apple also suggests all the iPhone 6 Plus users who are facing this display problem to take the backup of their data to iCloud or iTunes before handing over the handset to the company. This repairing program is a worldwide event and it will cover “iPhone 6 Plus devices for 5 years after the first retail sale of the unit.”

 So friends don’t worry, if your iPhone 6 Plus is plagued with touch disease go to your nearest authorised Apple Service Centre as soon as possible.

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