Apple iOS 10 Jailbreak: Someone Published Video Showing Jailbreakon iPhone 7 with iOS Beta 10.2

Apple iOS 10 JailbreakApple iOS platforms have been in the news for being jailbroken very recently. The latest version of the iOS platform – the iPhone 7 with iOS Beta 10.2 has reportedly been jailbroken, and a video concerning that act has come up in the online. Apple has tried to be severe on the issue of jailbreaking their operating system, and it has gone from tough to tougher to jailbreak. But there’s always a good hacker.

This jailbreaking technique came into being since the launch of the original iPhone, and it dates back to days as early as 2007. Since then it has become a trend for the hackers to find out a technique to provide a jailbreak method for all the operating systems that have been released in the market from the manufacturing house of Apple. It all began with the first product from Apple. However, things have gone from tough to tougher to break the barriers and get access to the operating system. And this jailbreaking method has been applied to all almost all the products from Apple including the Apple iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV 2 and 4.

Apple has nearly set war against this trend of hacking and getting access to the base of the hierarchy of the operating system. It increased the security of the operating system by patching whatever loopholes the 9.2 version of the iOS platform had. Since then attempts have been made to jailbreak the system. But success has mostly been limited. Renowned pack of hackers like PanGu Team and TaiG have made valiant efforts, but success seemed far-fetched. And the security of the latest version of the iOS platform, that is, iOS 10.2 has received a further boost.

Do We Get to Know How the Jailbreak Works?

Apple took an incredible step while releasing their latest device with an upgraded OS as they announced the considerable amount of reward for the person who would manage to break through and find out a jailbreaking of the iOS 10. And now it seems that eminent iOS coder @ijapija00 might just become the sole recipient for that reward as it is expected that he will provide the video to Apple revealing how he has gone about the process of jailbreaking. And the chances are minimal that he will be unleashing the method to the public.

Now that @ijapija00 has cracked the treasure box, hacking community will be up and running in order to find the loopholes that @ijapija has managed to find out. The community of the coders will look forward to making the process public before Apple takes any action to stem the process of hacking of their latest device iPhone 7 with iOS Beta 10.2.

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