Apple iPhone 8 News and Updates: Over 10 Prototypes are Getting Tested

It has been only a few months that Apple iPhone 7 has come out in the market. And different types of news are already around regarding the configurations of the Apple iPhone 8. Speculations have spread like wildfire regarding all the probable features of the Apple iPhone 8. The latest developments have brought into light the fact that Apple is putting to test a number of prototypes for their upcoming flagship device.

More than 10 prototypes are put to test for the Apple iPhone 8

The coming year is going to be Apple’s ten-year anniversary. And it is expected that Apple will come up something special in their smartphone department. It has been revealed that Apple has a number of plans regarding making it grand while celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the company.

One of the rumours, which at the moment are hitting the headlines, is the fact that Apple iPhone 8 might just come out with an OLED screen. And the prototypes which have been put under the scrutiny bear one blueprint of such a model of the Apple iPhone 8. It is not sure whether all the three variants of iPhone 8 that are reported to be coming up will bear the same feature or not. But it can be predicted that at least one of the three speculated versions is going to sport an OLED display. And that could well be the premier version of the device. Otherwise because of the more expensive OLED screens the actual price might be affected which in turn might make it difficult for Apple to make a massive profit. Hence it sounds more logical that only one version of the device is going to have an OLED display.

It has been reported that Apple has signed up with Samsung in order get the supply of the OLED screen that is going to be featured in the upcoming device. Besides this, Apple has also had advanced talks with Japan Display, LG Display and Sharp. And they have been reportedly told by the Cupertino-based smartphone-making brand to hasten their process of providing prototypes of the OLED screens. It is expected that Apple is looking for a screen which will have a “better resolution than the ones from Samsung”.

Other than this it is believed that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to have a bezel-free display. Also, rumours have been spread that it might not have a Home button. But it seems implausible that it will come without a Home button, for there have been no reports of patterns being submitted on that line.

However, all these are speculations and are subject to all sorts of confirmation for which we will have to keep on waiting till the setting in of 2017. But it can be said that Apple iPhone 8 is going to come up with something really extraordinary for 2017 will mark the ten-year anniversary of the brand.

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