CES 2017: Here’s What To Watch Out For

CES 2017: The Consumer Electronics Show, popularly known as CES, will be held in Las Vegas between the 5th and 8th of January 2017. With the biggest names in technology expected to show up, we will be expecting a lot of futuristic products, gadgets and gizmos. We have compiled a list of what we can expect to show up at next year’s mega-show.

The CES 2017 logo. 2017’s CES is to be held at Las Vegas

The Future of Automobiles

With an assorted array of cars coming with installed software and varying degrees of Artificial Intelligence (AI), CES 2017 promises to be the platform for the cars of the future. Delphi and Mobileye are two self-driving car technology companies that have confirmed that at CES 2017, they are going to showcase a new smart platform called the  Central Sensing Localisation and Planning (CSLP) system- a big boost to driverless cars.  Electric car maker Faraday Future ahs also confirmed its presence at CES 2017.

The Future of Audio and Video

With Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG in attendance, the future of the humble television set is set to be bright. While 4K TVs are already present, the futuristic and uber-expensive 8K television sets might be showcased. High Dynamic Range or HDR displays will rule this upcoming CES.

Advancements in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

With the global success of  Pokemon Go, 2016 showed a growing interest for virtual reality and augmented reality, and 2017 is likely to follow the trend.We expect plenty of VR and AR gadgets to be showcased,  including the PogoCam for filming our lives. We’re hopeful to see a few of the Windows 10 VR headsets that we have covered earlier. A lot of VR and AR-related software, apps, games, and all kinds of experiences are to be expected.


The MWC or the Mobile World Congress being the primary global forum for smartphones, CES will likely feature not many phones. Huawei may come up with the Huawei Mate 9.

Laptops and Computers

We can expect major launches like the next Dell XPS 13 laptop and Samsung’s latest step in computing, the Pro-level Solid State Drive (SSD).

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles

Drones were big news at CES 2016 and 2017 promises more of them, like the DJI and Parrot. Other companies might launch their own versions too.

As the CES 2017 gets underway, we will continue to bring updates for you. Stay tuned for more.

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