LG G6 Release Date, Price, Specs, Fetures, Rumors and Concept

LG had created havoc in the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona when they launched the astonishingly beautiful LG G5 on the first day of the global event. LG G5 is a flagship device by all means and is a technological beast as per as the features, and the specifications are concerned. Introducing some unique features like modular designs, Always-On display and the dual rear camera, this South-Korean company has already set the bar for the other smartphone making companies and also raised the level expectations among the fans and the pundits. So now the whole world is eagerly waiting for the launch of the next flagship device of this company, LG G6. We are going to discuss in this article about what could be the release date of LG G6, the probable price of LG G6, the features and specifications LG will install in their upcoming flagship and why should you buy the phone. So go through the article and get an idea about the upcoming LG G6.

LG G6 May Feature Iris Scanning And Wireless Charging

LG G6 Release Date

As the company have announced the present flagship LG G5 in the ongoing MWC 2016, it is very likely they will do the same with the G6 too. LG G6 is going to be unveiled at the MWC 2017 and will be available for purchase by the mid-week of April 2017.

As you can see, we are most likely a long way from the release of LG G6. The predecessor LG G5 wasn’t very popular that makes it all the more necessary for LG to come up with some sort of radical, innovative features, something that’ll draw people’s attention and boost LG’s sale of the upcoming LG G6. Even before the LG G6, it’s likely the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out.

LG G6 Price

LG has always kept parity between the current flagship device and the upcoming flagship device from the company. So if we believe the sources, LG G6 is going to be priced at $650-$700. Not much for a flagship eh, what do you say?

LG G6: Design

LG has totally rejuvenated the design of the latest LG G5 from their previous flagship LG G4. While LG G4 flaunts a leather body and a curved look, LG G5 is totally different from its predecessor. LG G5 comes with an all metal body and boasts a more premium look and feeling. But the only aspect we think the G5 disappointed its fans is that we hoped the round back side of the G5 to be more stylised and more polished. So hopefully LG will look into this matter in their next flagship LG G6. Another thing is, LG has also omitted the slight “lip” surrounding the display of the G5, which was very much present in the previous flagship G4 and also helped the device to protect from the direct contact with the surface. So hopefully the Korean company will reintroduce the lip in their upcoming G6 and will make the handset less vulnerable than the present flagship G5. Moreover, the current flagship flaunts a slightly ugly-looking camera bulge, which should be gone in the successor version.

The rat-race among the tech conglomerates has reached its pinnacle. So another important factor that decides the fate of a new flagship of a particular company is, what the rivals are putting into their flagship. As Samsung has already brought the concept of the “Curved Screen” technology in their latest flagship Galaxy S7, it is very unlikely that LG will lag far behind in this particular feature. So there are very high chances that LG will also incorporate the “Curved Screen” technology in their upcoming flagship model, G6.

 LG G6: Hardware

LG had revolutionised the hardware concept of the smartphones when the company unveiled the world’s first modular smartphone, G5. The unique “modular” feature of the handset facilitates the users to pull out the bezel; placed below the screen; from the handset and allows the users to insert a variety of optional “modules”, which company dubbed as the “Friends”; as well as various peripherals which don’t come pre-installed with the phone. This unique feature has provided the company with a big edge over its rival companies like Samsung, Apple and Sony and from here on LG will only try to better and upgrade the modules they offer to its consumers.

In LG G5, there are two modules aka “friends” are available for the users: “Camera module” for camera enhancement,” LG HIFI + module” for audio enhancement, along with two accessories: ” LG 360 CAM” for 360 degree recording and the “LG 360 VR” for virtual reality effect, available too. But when we reviewed the LG G5 with our own hands, we have noticed there are plenty of scopes; particularly in the VR headset feature to improve. So we hope, LG will look into this matter in their upcoming flagship G6 as well as will add some more modules to enhance the user’s smartphone using experience.

LG G6: Display

LG has decreased the screen size in the G5 and made it 5.3 inches and also kept the screen resolution same 2560 x 1440 with the predecessor, G4. But according to our sources, LG may go for a bigger screen again in the upcoming G6 and will make it 5.7 inches with a screen resolution of 2800 x 1800 with 584 pixels per inch, 30 more than the current flagship. Not to mention, the company will also retain the Always-On Display feature, which they have introduced in the G5; in their upcoming flagship LG G6. It is needless to say that the screen will be protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

There are also rumours blowing in the wind, like Sony, LG will also introduce the 4K display in the LG G6. But at this moment, this seems very unlikely to happen. But it’s worth noting that with the rise of mobile VR solutions like the Gear VR and Google’s Daydream have a full 4K display on cards will attract more buyers. It’s also worth noting that LG competes with Samsung not just in mobile phones but also in TV and display producer. LG got into QHD display technology first with 2014’s LG G3.

LG G6: Processor and Storage

LG G5 is powered by the latest quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor with two high-performance cores clocked at 2.15 GHz and two low-power cores clocked at 1.59 GHz. But the maker of this SoC, Qualcomm, has already started working on the next chipset of this series, Snapdragon 830. So if the Chinese chipset makers will able to make the SoC ready by the time phone will launch, LG G6 will surely house the Snapdragon 830 processor in it.

Currently, LG G5 comes with a 4 GB RAM and a 32 GB internal storage. But according to the sources, the Snapdragon 830 SoC, about which we have been, discussing in the above paragraph, can withstand and will support for up to 8GB of RAM. So, there are high chances LG G6 will sport 8GB of RAM and 64 GB of inbuilt storage capacity, under the hood. As per the external storage capacity is concerned; LG G5 is expandable up to 2 TB via a microSD card and we think it will remain same in the upcoming successor too.

LG G6: OS and Interface

It is not surprising at all, the flagships of every company come with the latest OS. LG is not an exception too, and the G5 runs on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow too. But according to our sources working closely with the G6 project, the next flagship of the company will be launched with the next version of the Android OS; the Android 7.0 N. Google has already revealed some new features and screenshots of the upcoming Android N at the MWC 2016, and it is very much feasible that they will ready the new OS by the time the LG G6 will unveil.

The South Korea-based tech giant, LG has already made some notable changes in the UI section and has opted out the app drawer form the present flagship LG G5. As per the reports from several of our sources Google will supposedly be making this same change to stock Android; starting with Android N. This change indicates that the nest flagship from the house of LG will come installed with the Android N.  Also LG has changed the color of the UI and took a simplistic and minimalistic approach in the G5 which will be present in the G6 too, not to mention in a more upgraded manner.

LG G6: Camera

If we talk about the camera aspect of the upcoming LG G6, we are almost sure it is going to create a huge wave among the fans and the tech enthusiasts. LG G5 has already been a pathfinder to all the other companies, as they have introduced the dual-rear camera for the first time in a flagship. LG G5 flaunts a 16 MP 75-degree normal angle rear camera along with an 8 MP 135-degree wide angle rear camera. The camera comes with the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology too. There is also an 8 MP secondary front facing camera present in the G5 for taking better selfies and video calling.

According to the various close sources, in case of the G6, the 16 MP normal angle rear camera will be increased to 21 MP and the rest will remain same just like the G5. The option for video recording at 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps, HDR for the rear cameras and 1080p@30fps for the front camera will also be kept intact in the G6.

LG G6: Battery

Currently, LG G5 features a 2800 mAh battery as the screen size has been reduced to 5.3- inches. But as we are predicting the LG G6 will sport a 5.7 –inch screen, the company is bound to increase the battery capacity, and as per our speculation it will be of 3100 mAh. Just like the G5, the G6 will also feature the USB Type-C and supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard, which can charge to 80% capacity in just 30-35 minutes. LG always keep their batteries removable, which is a rare occurrence in today’s smartphone world and feel like a breeze of fresh air. Surely the company will maintain the reputation intact and will make the battery of G6 removable.

LG G6: Connectivity and Sensor Options

In the present flagship smartphone of LG, we have seen the fingerprint sensor as the security measure of the device. But LG may go for a better security option in the G6 and may introduce the Retina Scanning Sensors in the upcoming flagship. Apart from that, all the modern day sensor options like accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, colour spectrum will be present in the handset.

Or a front fingerprint scanner could be on the table. LG introduced fingerprint scanner on the back of LG G5. It was a great idea, but except for the fact that one needs to pick the phone from the desk everything, one needs to open the start the device. So it’s necessary to have the sensor in the front. The same problem lies with the speakers. Front-facing stereo speakers would be great unlike the single speaker on the bottom edge of the LG G5. Although audio through the headphones is far more significant than the speaker and LG G5 has done a great job in there. Powerful built-in speakers in the front are going to give the device a significant boost to the phone’s unique features.

As per the connectivity features are concerned the LG G6 will be dual SIM (Nano SIM) supported and will feature Voice over LTE for the first time in the company’s history. Apart from these, the regular Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/as, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot, Bluetooth v4.2, A2DP, LE, apt-X, GPS, A-GPS, NFC and Infrared will be included in the device.

LG G6 May Feature Iris Scanning And Wireless Charging

University Herald reports that LG might incorporate Iris scanner and wireless charging in its upcoming flagship. Like its predecessor, LG G6 too will sport dual rear camera that’ll feature an iris scanner. There is no official news about the G6 camera resolution. It’s simply speculation on our part, but the reason behind adding iris scanner is very simply. It’s trendy and offers security. An iris scanner would validate and authenticate users and unlock the device through the compact sensor. Most iris scanners, like the ones found in the Galaxy Note 7, exist as a separate component from the front camera. According to Slash Gear, LG proposes instead an all-in-one sensor that uses the same camera for both taking photos as well as iris scanning. It’ll be possible by applying a filter.

Wrap Up

Though release date of LG G6 is a distance affair by now, still we hope this one stop solution for LG G6 release date, price, features, specs, concept and rumour has been successful to give an insight about the upcoming flagship of the company. We have prepared this article on information from various trusted sources, rumours and speculations and we hope the features and specs of LG G6 we have mentioned will eventually be present in the handset at the time of the official launch. Keep in touch with our website for more tech news, gadget news and MWC 2016 news.

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