Nintendo Switch Set to Get Full Version of Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo has been in the news for quite some time now. And the reason is that it has one console waiting in the pipeline to be released. The upcoming device termed as Nintendo Switch is expected to hit the market in March 2017. And the latest rumours have revealed that Nintendo’s Switch is going to get a full Pokemon game.

Nintendo Switch will have Pokemon Sun and Moon

According to the sources, Eurogamer has released that it would be a newly released version of the Pokemon game. The games about which we are talking about are Pokemon Sun and Moon. Sources have revealed that the game is already under development and it might be launched in 2017. At the moment it holds the codename of Pokemon ‘Stars’.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon which are in the news to be released in Nintendo Switch is very close to the Pokemon Red and Blue’s siblings Yellow or Pearl and Platinum of Diamond. New gaming features were made available in the Yellow and Pearl although nothing much of a difference could be noticed. The new things that were added were that one could have the different legendary-class pocket monsters and all-time favourite Pikachu by his side from the start.

The upcoming version of the Pokemon that is Pokemon Sun and Moon will be possessing new features. The Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available in Nintendo’s Switch in higher resolution graphics and new bits which are not available in the new 3DS titles. Also, there will be options for trading characters between the gaming console and the handheld version and for that the users will have to use the Pokemon Bank mobile app.

When asked about the mainline Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch, the director of Pokemon Sun and Moon Ohmori said, “We’ve always made [main] Pokémon games on Nintendo hardware.” He added. “Something which has been important to us recently has been the communication and wireless features. So when we consider whether we should bring something to one thing or another, it really depends on is the hardware itself. What might change about Nintendo hardware in the future is something we’re really looking forward to – and if the hardware is suitable it’s definitely something we want to consider using.”

The editor of the game had a chat earlier this year which revealed possibilities of the game making an appearance on the gaming consoles. And thus it can be said that the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon was just a matter of time. Senior Editor Aaron Souppouris has been quoted saying, “Almost 30 years [since Red and Blue came out] and we have the ability to make Pokemon games that look, sound and feel better than the original animated series. And we’re not doing it.”

This comment really hints at the better versions of the game being made available once the Pokemon Sun and Moon are made available in all the gaming consoles along with Nintendo Switch. As it stands now, it seems it is really good news for the fans of Nintendo Switch who are waiting for the console to come up on the market soon.

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