Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Release Date, Specs, Rumours and Updates

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Samsung introduced the uber sophisticated Galaxy Tab S series back in 2014 for the first time, and since then the South Korean company updated the line with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 the very next year. Both variants of the Galaxy Tab S2 were extremely well received by the generally picky tablet clientele due to its classy features, high-resolution display (thanks to its Super AMOLED screen), and above all, its thin build that even beat Apple’s iPad Air range of tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

But it has been two years since we last saw an addition to the successful lineup, and Samsung fans have begun to become a little antsy in anticipation. Undoubtedly, Samsung had their hands full throughout the first half of 2016 with the release of their highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 7 back in August. But then the company was forced to focus on the worldwide callback of the device which was an imminent result of the exploding Note 7s across the world. Now as 2016 is nearly drawing to a close, we do not hope to hear from Samsung about the Galaxy Tab S3 in the time that is left. But we refuse to believe that Samsung will give up on the Tab S lineup anytime soon, considering that it is one of the most sought after devices in the category. So what will the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, which is expected to already be in development pack in, in terms of specs and features? More importantly, what about its release date? Read on to find out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Release Date

After two Galaxy Tab S3 launches in two consecutive years, fans were hopeful that 2016 will be the year that will see the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3’s launch. We do not know if Samsung had initially planned to launch the Galaxy Tab S3 in September 2016, keeping with earlier traditions. But as has already been pointed out, Samsung has had to deal with the fiasco that became of the Galaxy Note 7 soon after its launch, incurring losses that span billions of dollars.

We think it is safe to say that we will not see the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 anytime in 2016, but 2017 may very well be the lucky year. We already know that Samsung is planning on releasing the Galaxy S8 early on in 2017. It makes sense to think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will make an appearance at around the same time frame. There are rumours that say Samsung will push up the Galaxy S8’s launch to early 2017 to make up for the losses and to regain the public’s favour, so perhaps we will see the launch of the Galaxy Tab S3 alongside the much-anticipated Galaxy S8. What do our readers think?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Features and Specifications

There is no doubt that Samsung will push hard to make the upcoming device worthy of envy among its peers. In addition, the Galaxy Tab S line has introduced notable updates every time it has launched a new device. So here’s looking at what the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 could house to make it a serious contender among the already saturated tablet market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display: With the previous devices, Samsung has steadily introduced two size variants of each, depending on their display dimensions. But while the Galaxy Tab S included a 10.5-inch display variant, the larger Tab S2 merely kissed the 10-inch mark with a 9.7-inch screen. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, the company may bring back the 10.5-inch display once again, marrying the dimensions with the Tab S2’s Super AMOLED display that had us floored. Moreover, with Samsung ditching the flat screened look for its high-end flagships, the display of the Galaxy Tab S3 will come with a dual-curved design with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 protection. So in terms of the display, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to look nothing like the existing tablets in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Processor, Memory, Operating System: Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will come with Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 Octa-core chipset that powered the Galaxy S7 smartphones and later, the Galaxy Note 7.

However, with Samsung developing a new processor, Exynos 8995, specifically for the Galaxy S8, speculations are rife that this new powerhouse chipset could be housed inside the Tab S3 too. This may hold true if Samsung wants to go all-out with all of their upcoming devices in the S series.

In terms of memory, speculations suggest that Samsung will retain the 3 GB module for the Galaxy Tab S3, but we are not sure if the company will surprise us with a higher, 4 GB module. That may seem especially likely if the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is powered by the Exynos 8995, or the Snapdragon 830 chipset. Storage options are likely to go up to 64 GB, with the option to expand with the help of a microSD card.

In terms of the OS, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will undoubtedly run Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Camera: This part is a bit sketchy, as nothing substantial is known about the Tab S3’s cameras. The Tab S2 featured an 8-MP primary camera along with a 2.1-MP front-facing module. With the way Samsung is expanding its reach into camera builds, we may see the Tab S3 come with a 12-MP rear camera along with a 5-MP shooter for video calls. This may hold true as the existing Exynos 8890 as well as the upcoming Exynos 8895 are capable of handling media far better than the earlier processors from Samsung. Most notably, the Exynos 8895 is rumoured to be designed especially to work in conjunction with the Galaxy S8’s superior camera technology, which may even be a dual setup. But even if Samsung sticks to the 8890, we can rest assured that a 12-MP-5-MP configuration is what we will get at the very least with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Battery: The Tab S2 scored big with users due to its ultra-thin design, measuring at a mere 5.6 mm. This meant that the tablet was easier to carry and to hold on a regular basis, while still managing impressive longevity in terms of the battery. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will undoubtedly have similar aspirations, and for that reason, we think Samsung will retain the Tab S2’s 5,870 mAh unit for the larger variant. For the smaller, 8-inch one, we may be looking at the possibility of a 4,000 mAh battery. This will ensure that the Galaxy Tab S3 retains the ultra-slim build that the line has come to be associated with, along with a performance life that doesn’t threaten to die out easily.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 AI Support: It is no secret that Samsung is presently working on a snappy AI assistant which it supposedly intends to include in the Galaxy S8. This would be a first from the company, but going by its earlier acquisition of Viv Labs, an AI startup that was founded by the creators of Siri, it may be safe to assume that the upcoming premium tablet from Samsung will come with an assistant that will simply require users to speak to it to get things done. Rumour has it that Samsung’s AI assistant will be named Bixby.

In conclusion, we think the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will pack in a lot of the features that we saw, albeit briefly in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After all, the Galaxy Note 7 was very favourably reviewed by those users whose phones did not end up catching fire. Samsung may not think it wise to completely do away with all that potential. But regardless of that, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be one high-end tablet that the world is looking forward to. Stay tuned for more updates, rumours, and leaks pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

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