Apple iPhone 8 Set to Give Up all Physical Buttons and Work on the Rear of the Device

Apple iPhone 8 is in the news for more than a few months now. News and updates regarding the probable features of the upcoming flagship from Apple have kept on coming ceaselessly. And the latest of all have come up with the news that the upcoming device is going to do away with all the physical buttons on the device.

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8 might give up all physical buttons

Rumours have kept on coming that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to give the ‘Home’ button a miss. And that news has gained a real momentum with the news from Forbes revealing that the US-based smartphone making brand is looking to come up with “Electronic Devices with Display and Touch Sensor Structures”. The Patently Apple has also revealed that besides the Home button, Apple could give up all other physical buttons.

The patent that has come up in the news reveals that the upcoming device will be having no physical volume button. And the volume button will be replaced by touch sensors. And this sounds really incredible as if the rumours turn out to be true we could be set for a completely revolutionary in the world of smartphone where everything will be virtual. The rear of the phone will get a greater relevance than it is actually now.

Also, if the patent becomes the blueprint for the Apple iPhone 8, the users can use the back of the device for quick scrolling or move on to another page while using the smartphone. This is a possibility, and it is not known whether there is any chance of such an adoption in the upcoming flagship device from the leading smartphone making brands in the world.

The current trend is such that all the smartphone making brands are looking to focus on the giving up of physical buttons on the front of the device. But very few have spared thoughts regarding the vast areas of improvement that can be made in the rear of the smartphone devices. Apple iPhone 8 could be the one. But very little is known regarding this. But in near future, it is going to be one of the most incredible features that the smartphone manufacturers will be looking for.

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be coming out on the market in the early part of the year 2017. But the exact date is not known. And for that, we must keep on waiting. The wait is not going to be for long, though.

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