Bluetooth 5 Released, Expected to be Much Faster Than its Predecessors

It has been quite a few months that we have got the news that Bluetooth is coming out on the market. In fact, it was way back in the month of June that Bluetooth 5 probable specs got revealed on various platforms. And now the possibilities have turned out to be real as the Special Interest Group (SIG) finally has announced it officially that the new version of the technology is ready to be put in usage.

Bluetooth 5
Bluetooth 5 has at last come out with lots of new upgrades

The experts had previously predicted that the Bluetooth 5 is going to come out around this time of the year and they have turned out to be true. And the specifications that are revealed are going to make the latest update of the technology all the more efficient as far as the electronic gadgets sporting Bluetooth 5 are concerned.

It is revealed that the Bluetooth 5 is going to be at least two times faster than the previous version of the technology. The bandwidth has been increased to 2 Mbps from 1 Mbps which used to the speed of the previous versions. Also, this is going to be the maximum speed limit of Bluetooth 5. The new version is expected to be coming with four times the range capacity of the Bluetooth 4.2. Also, the broadcasting message capability is going to be eight times better than the prior version when it is used on low energy devices.

Also, the good thing about the latest update of this technology is that the configurations are flexible and can be adjusted depending on the requirements as the report in GSMArena suggests. The bandwidth can be lowered in order to increase the range of the working capacity of the technology. It can be increased to up to 4 times more than what it used to be in the Bluetooth 4.2. And this feature definitely quite incredible as this is going to give the users a much better experience.

With the new update of Bluetooth, it is expected that not only the users of Smartphones but the users of smartwatches are going to be benefitted. On previous occasions, there used to be a problem of interference but with Bluetooth 5 coming it is promised that the interference issue has been taken care of and the users will have a much better experience.

However, the tech enthusiasts might just have to wait a bit longer to get a hands-on experience of the Bluetooth 5 as it is expected that the latest technology is going to be incorporated into the latest upcoming devices. So we might just have to wait for 2 to 6 months to experience Bluetooth 5. It is reported that when the new smartphones come out in 2017, we will be able to come across this latest technology.

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