Final Fantasy XV Holiday DLC Pack Reveals Classic Villain in New Episode, To Come in the January Update

The game Final Fantasy XV has already grabbed the attention of many gamers across the world besides the loyal fans with all the new inclusions that have come in the latest version of the game. The game was released into the market by Square Enix in the month of November, and here we are with a couple of DLC packs of the game. The Final Fantasy XV Holiday DLC Pack is all set to bring in a new character besides a new episode which is all set to make the game even more exciting.

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV is set to get a new Holiday DLC pack on December 22

It has been reported worldwide that Final Fantasy XV Holiday DLC Pack will be coming with two options for the gamers. The first one will be a free one while the second one will be a paid version. The free version with the title Holiday Pack will introduce a number of new features while the pad version termed as the Holiday Pack Plus will have an added number of features to the Holiday Pack. The Final Fantasy XV Holiday DLC Pack from the makers of the game Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix, has been revealed to be made available to the users on December 22, primarily to the gamers in Japan. The new DLC packs will be accessible to the priced owners of the season pass of the game Final Fantasy XV.

The new things that the gamers are going to get with the free DLC include a Level Stopper, Annihilation Victory Song and the Limited Time Carnival Ticket. Also, there will be a Moogle Chocobo Carnival T-Shirt, but that will be available in the January update only.

With regards to the paid DLC pack of the Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix, it is reported in the Nichegamer that the gamers are going to get a new episode called Gladio where the players will meet a new enemy called Gilgamesh. The explanation that has been provided by the producer of the game Haruyoshi Sawatari reads, “The player confronts an enemy called Gilgamesh, who can only be seen in Episode Gladio. In Episode Gladio, you’re able to go into areas that cannot be entered in the main game.” This DLC pack will come out after the originally announced Holiday and Holiday Plus Pack in the January update of the game that Square Enix is going to bring in.

The paid Holiday Plus Pack is going to come with a Protection Ring, a Command Boost and a Phantom Boost. A couple of songs are going to be added along with this – Instant Kill Victory and Battle Technique Victory Song. Also, the players will be getting a Fortuitous Key and a Stamina Anchor. The January Update of the game Final Fantasy XV will bring in the Carnival Style Costume and Holiday-themed Picture Frame for the gamers who will get hold of the Holiday Plus Pack.

The game is already a hit among the gamers across the world. And with the festive season setting in, the new Final Fantasy XV Holiday DLC Pack is bound to make it even more attractive. Even if the players get hold of the non-paid version of the DLC Pack, it would be a great experience for the gamers. And for the ones who will be getting hold of the paid one, with the January update, it is going to be really incredible, particularly with the new Episode Gladio and antagonist Gilgamesh coming in. The game Final Fantasy XV from Square Enix can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles.

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