In-flight Connectivty To be Rolled Out Soon to Indian Flights

Indians, the world’s second-biggest Internet users, were told to expect a decision allowing them to update their Facebook status and send WhatsApp messages from 35,000 feet back in September but seems that this particular development has been put on hold for now to the dismay of many.With about 462 million people browsing the web in India, the nation is home to 13.5 percent of the world’s total Internet users, making it the second-biggest user base in the world, according to Internet Live Stats, which tracks Internet usage. The number are huge and therefore the demand of every single individual when it comes to wi-fi connectivity is legit and valid considering that the service will uplift customer satisfaction to new levels.


Today, many international airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi services that allow fliers to enjoy a high-quality library of audio and video content, a state-of-the-art flight tracker, interactive games and access to emails. The global survey conducted by Honeywell Aerospace earlier this year showed that availability of in-flight Wi-Fi influences flight selection for 66 per cent of passengers with everyone, out of four passengers claim they would pay extra for a flight with Wi-Fi services and close to one in five would switch their preferences in airlines for better connectivity.

However, this convenience is yet to be rolled out to the Indian flights as the use of in-flight Wi-Fi has not been allowed so far over domestic airspace due to security concerns stated by the government. Delays gaining regulatory approval for Wi-Fi in Indian airspace aren’t dissuading satellite operator Inmarsat Plc, which said it’s talking preemptively to carriers, including Jet Airways India Ltd. and the local unit of Singapore Airlines Ltd., about enabling connectivity on their flights. Siddharth Sen, the India Director of Honeywell Aerospace is optimistic about this development and hope to see the implementation of in-flight Wi-Fi soon in the Indian airspace.

Jet Airways, India’s second-largest carrier, began offering in September one-way wireless streaming technology that enables passengers to play a selection of video and audio content directly on their mobile phones and other personal devices — a step toward offering broadband-enabled Wi-Fi connectivity following regulatory approval.

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