Apple iOS 10.2 Available for the Compatible Devices With New Emojis

Apple hits the headlines very frequently with news regarding the latest gadgets that have either come out or are scheduled to come out. But this time it is in the news for the latest update of the operating system that has been rolled out by the Cupertino-based brand. The news reveals that the devices from Apple will be able to upgrade their operating system to iOS 10.2.

Apple iOS 10.2
The screenshot of Apple iOS 10.2 as revealed Image Source

With the news revealing that the Apple iOS 10.2 made available for the devices that are used by the number of consumers of Apple, it is expected that there will be a buzz regarding the new features that are going to be available along with that. One of the most interesting features that are going to come is the new emojis. And the number of emojis added is more than hundred. “More diverse characters, new professions, expressions like face palm, shrug and fingers crossed, and new emoji representing sports, food, animals and more” have come with the iOS 10.2 platform being rolled out for the users of the Apple devices.

Apple iOS 10.2
The latest update of the Apple iOS 10.2 comes with new emojis

Another important feature that will be there for the users of Apple iPhones, iPads and other devices is the Emergency SOS button particularly for the people in India. It is to keep up with the new guidelines that have set by the government of India. The users will have to enable the Emergency SOS through Settings of the device. And following that once the user presses the power button thrice in quick successions all required steps will follow. The Emergency SOS feature in the devices of the Apple iOS 10.2 can also be disabled by turning the feature off as revealed by the report in Forbes.

Besides this, the latest update of the operating system comes with a TV-app, Videos App Widget and preserve Settings for the Camera app. The TV app enables the users to get suggestions from the “Watch Now” tab and all the new released iTunes from the “Store” option in the TV-app. The Preserve Settings for the Camera app facilitates the users to have a default setting for the camera according to their own likings. Also, there are new features like the “Celebrate” and “Send With Love” Screen Effect for the messaging app, the Show Star Ratings under the Music section and a new Headphone icon in the Status Bar of the device.

How to Update to Apple iOS 10.2

To get the latest, the users should follow three easy steps. They can either connect to iTunes to download it or go to Settings > General > Software Update to get the update the operating system to iOS 10.2. Also, this update will bring in “stability improvements and bug fixes”.

So it seems that the latest update of the Apple iOS 10.2 that has been rolled out will be great enough to make it even better for the users of Apple devices. The latest update will be available to the users of the Apple iPhone 5 and later versions of the iPhones. The users of iPad 4th Generation & later devices and the iPod touch 6th Generation & later will be able to update their devices to the Apple iOS 10.2 operating system.

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