LG K10 (2017) To be Unveiled by T-Mobile as LG K20 Plus

In the recent LG has come up with some incredible smartphone devices that have grabbed the attention of many across the world. And one of the mid-range devices was the LG K10 (2016) which made a good impression among the users. Now, news has come that T-Mobile is looking forward to unveiling a new edition from that series which will bear a different name.

LG K20 Plus
Previously rumoured LG K10 (2017) is going to be unveiled as LG K20 Plus according to Evan Blass’ tweet

The previous rumours have reported that the T-Mobile would release the new device in the K-series from LG with the title LG K10 (2017). But all the previous rumours might turn out to be false if we go by the tweet of leakster Evan Blass. Blass has revealed that T-mobile will come up with the new smartphone in the K-series with the title LG K20 Plus.

According to the previous reports in the GSMArena, the LG K20 is going to have a 5.3-inch display supporting a full HD resolution. Alongside this, the latest upcoming smartphone LG K20 Plus is going to sport a 5-megapixel selfie camera which will also have a wide-angle lens. Other than these, nothing much has been revealed regarding the probable features of the LG K20 Plus which was previously rumoured to be the LG K10 (2017).

Regarding the probable release dates of the LG K20 Plus, it can be said that it will happen perhaps during the CES 2017 along with the other smartphones from LG. But possibilities are there that the official release of the device might get delayed even further. Earlier reports had suggested that the LG K10 (2017), which is going to come out as LG K20 Plus as Evan Blass has tweeted, would come out with almost a similar price tag as that of the LG K10 (2016). The LG K10 (2016) is priced at $175, and it is expected that the upcoming smartphone is also going to cost almost the same. Even if there is a hike, the possibilities of which are very low, it might be of $10 to $15 which is almost negligible.

But all these speculations are in a nascent stage other than the fact that the LG K10 (2017) is going to be renamed as LG K20 Plus. And we have to keep on waiting for the time being to get some concrete news regarding the upcoming phone. It is believed that the wait is not going to be too long.

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