Microsoft Makes Cortana Available to Third-Party Developers

Microsoft is in the news for all the news and updates regarding their upcoming smartphones and other electronic devices. However, this one is a bit different from all the other as it is about the intelligent personal assistant software of Microsoft. The Cortana, one of the popular software among the users of Windows operating system is going to be made available for the users of all other platforms as the latest developments in this field have revealed.

Microsoft Cortana
Microsoft Cortana will be available to the third-party developers as well

Cortana used to be the exclusive intelligence assistant software for Microsoft, but it won’t be like this for too long. Microsoft has decided that they will make the software accessible for the third-party developers as well. This license to use the software will provide them with the opportunity of customising the software according to their own likings.

Microsoft has recently developed the new Skills Kit and Devices SDK for Cortana which enables the third-party developers to incorporate new things. With the Skills Kit, the developers can bring an app experience that can be controlled with voice commands through Cortana. It is for the time being made available to few like Capital One, Knowmail, Expedia and TalkLocal according to the reports in the Techcrunch. The Skills Kit bears a stark resemblance with the Alexa Skills Kit of Amazon.

There is news that there might be new audio devices coming with the Cortana enabled in it. It is reported that Microsoft is in talks with Harman Kardon in order to build this new audio device with the software embedded in it. Also, the US-based brand is looking forward to extending the reach of this intelligent assistant software to the cars as well. And in future cars might be coming with the software Cortana integrated with it.

The Device SDK that has been developed by Microsoft will enable the developers to manufacture new devices, be it smartphones or tablets or laptops, with the Cortana as one of the in-built software. The Devices SDK is yet to be coming out in the public forum, and we might have to wait till the setting in of the year 2017 for a full view of the Devices SDK.

This revelation that Cortana will be available for the third-party developers comes as a great news for not only the developers across the world but also the users who have a liking for this intelligent personal assistant software of Microsoft. However, it is not yet known when this news will come into existence, but experts predict that it won’t be too far away. It could well be in the earlier part of the year 2017 that Cortana will be available on third party platforms.

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