Microsoft Surface Phone to be Launched in the Second Half of 2017?

The touchscreen Windows personal Microsoft Surface computers have been acing the technology market ever since 2012, the series of laptops are manufactured by Pegatron and have acquired quite a lot of positive responses from the tech fanatics. Therefore, the speculations related to the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone started doing the rounds right from the time it was indicated that the device might be launched somewhere in 2017.

Microsoft Surface Phone to be introduced into the markets in the second half of 2017

And now it seems that the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has hinted that the tech giants might be working on the device, as reported by The Bitbag. The further report also stated that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone will be only launched in the second half of 2017, as the release date of the device has been linked with Windows 10 Redstone 33 update and it won’t be introduced before the second half of the approaching year.

Reports have also stated that the Microsoft Surface Phone would give a tough competition to the iPhone as it is expected to be the iPhone killer. Therefore, the multinational technology company is willing to replace the iPhone with its upcoming surface phone.

Our earlier reports have stated that the upcoming Surface Phone by Microsoft might just have a lot in store for the users rather than being just a Windows 10 Smartphone, as the device is speculated to support Android as well iOS apps. It has also been said that the device will either sport a 6GB or a 8GB of RAM along with a 256GB internal storage space. And as far as the other perspectives of the Surface Phone are concerned, few features of the upcoming device might be similar to the Surface Pro 4 and one of the features might be the addition of the classy Surface Pen. And apart from all the trending speculations the Microsoft Surface Phone is also stated to sport a fingerprint scanning system.

Nevertheless, all the speculations which are at rife will be confirmed once the device gets introduced into the market.

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