Samsung to Launch Another Galaxy Variant to Put Two-Pronged Pressure on The iPhone 8

Samsung is in the news again and for all the good reasons. If latest rumours are to be believed, a 6-inch Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will be launched in 2017 alongside the Galaxy S8 to ensure that the potential customer is spoilt for choice and the Apple iPhone 8, Apple’s 10th-anniversary offering falls flat on its face.This massive display will push the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus into certified tablet territory. If proved correct, the new S8 Plus will launch alongside the smaller 5-inch S8 and will sport dual curve Quad HD screens. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to debut in April 2017.

The Google Nexus 6 also sported a 6-inch screen but was not very successful. We know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced in April next year after its launch was pushed back. We are expecting the S8 Plus to also feature the bezel-less all-screen display that should adorn the galaxy S8. This Korean site stated that this new display will let Samsung increase the display ratio of the phone to more than 90% and therefore the new 6-inch phone could very well fit into a standard-sized phablet. We have also reported earlier that an embedded home button will feature on the Galaxy S8 and will possibly be carried on to the Galaxy S8 Plus. Other feature details are not known.

Expect a bigger Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to launch next year

There has been speculation that that Samsung is offering a stylus that will launch with the Galaxy S8 Plus but the same report contradicts that. Rumours state that Galaxy Note fans will have to wait for the second half of 2017 to get a built-in stylus. Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will ship with a voice-controlled assistant with advanced AI. We also expect that the fingerprint sensor will be featured on the rear of the phones.

The Apple iPhone 8 is set to launch in 2017 and boasts of very impressive specs. With these two phones, Samsung will look to give competition as well as restore some of its good name it lost after the fiasco surrounding the Galaxy S7 and its accidental exploding batteries and instances of phones catching fires. We ask you, however, to take these developments with a healthy dose of salt as these are rumours and yet to be officially verified.

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