Twitter Launches Live Videos Feature: Steps to Share it on the Social Media

Live Video sharing is one of the in-things as far as the current trends in the world of social media are concerned. Facebook became one of the pioneers in that field. And Twitter has become the latest addition to the list of social media sites to have made the option of Live Video sharing available to its users. The users of iOS and Android as the operating system will be able to broadcast the video from their app once they upgrade it to the latest version.

Twitter Live Videos
Users now can share Live Videos on Twitter

The process that the users have to follow in order share the live videos is quite simple. In fact, a video can be shared with only a single touch. Many days back Twitter joined hands with Periscope in order to enable its users of the video sharing option, and there used to be a button dedicated to Periscope. But with the latest update released there will no dedicated button for Periscope as the report from Fabnewz suggests.

How to Go Live

The Twitter handle user needs to click on the ‘Compose’ button first and then on the ‘Live’ option. Once the user is ready to go live with the video, the user will have to press the ‘Go Live’ button, and the live streaming will go live on Twitter. Twitter prevents a user to go live if there is any protected tweet in the user’s account. In that case, the user needs to create an account in Periscope and then only the user can go live on Twitter.

Open the Twitter app > Click on ‘Compose’ > Press the ‘Live’ button > ‘Go Live.’

During this live upload of the video, the viewers can react to that like any other tweet. And there are also options for the live interaction with the viewers as well.

How to End the Live Video

The process to end the live stream of the video is also as simple as the process which enables the users to go live on Twitter. The users simply have to go down on the app and press the ‘End Video’ button. The live video upload will stop immediately.

Swipe Down the Twitter app > Click on ‘End Video.’

How to Delete Live Videos

Deleting Live Videos is also easy. And one can delete the video whenever one wishes. To delete the video one need to delete the tweet which shows the live video.

Thus uploading live videos on Twitter has become one of the easiest things to do. It’s just like posting yet another tweet. And also there are ample opportunities to interact with the user of the Twitter handle who has posted that live video. One can comment as well as send ‘Hearts’ for the concerned live video that has been uploaded on the social media. To comment on the video directly, you can also log on to the Periscope account which will also allow the person to comment directly on the video.

The latest update for the Twitter app has already been rolled out by the organisers. The users of the iOS and Android operating system will be able to update the update the app by logging on to their respective app stores. With this new live video feature rolling in the native app of Twitter, it is going to be one of the path breaking steps as future days might see this becoming the biggest trend in the world of social media.

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