Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: A Close Competition is on the Cards

It has been more than months that we have been receiving news and updates regarding the probable features of the smartphones that are scheduled to be released in the course of the year 2017. And among those, the ones which have managed to hit the headlines more than often than any other, we have the Apple iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And here we are with a comparative study of the two smartphones which might put the stage on fire in the running year; at least the rumoured specs and features have suggested so.

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8 is one of those smartphones that are set to rock the world of technology in the coming days

Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Processor

Both the smartphones from Samsung and Apple are expected to come out with the best possible features under the hood. Hence, expectations are high that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come out with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which has been lately unveiled during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to sport the latest in-house chipset which is the Apple A11 chipset. And as it stands, it can’t be concluded which is going to be the better one based on the processors because of the fact that both the processors are probably the best among the ones that are available on the market. So we begin with a tie.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone 8: Display

Both Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone 8 are expected to sport AMOLED display. So once again, we are going to have a tie here. However, Samsung Galaxy Note being a phablet will sport a bigger display screen than the flagship device from Apple. But that won’t matter much for the other specifications related to the display remains almost similar to each other.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung will look forward to making up its lost glory with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Camera

Apple has set a new benchmark when it comes to smartphone cameras. Samsung is also not too far away as they have managed to come up with incredible camera features in their smartphones from time to time. As the report in the web page of iphone8pluss has suggested, the Apple iPhone 8 is set to sport a dual-lens camera both of which are expected to be of 16 megapixels. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to sport a 12-megapixel camera which will be assisted by a number of additional sensors. But Apple might just edge past this particular device from Samsung as far as the camera features of these two smartphones are concerned.

The selfie shooter of Apple iPhone 8 is reportedly going to be of 12 megapixels while the one from Samsung will be of 8 megapixels. Both will have additional features alongside the basic lens which are bound to take smartphone photography to a completely different level.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone 8: Storage

It is not yet confirmed what the configurations of the Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are going to be as far as the storage of the devices is concerned. It is revealed that both the devices might come with 8 GB RAM. Possibilities are also there that a second variant of the both the devices might come out with 6 GB RAM. Coming to the native storage, a number of variants might be available on the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might come out with 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB internal storage. The Apple iPhone 8 might be available in either 128 GB variant or in the 256 GB variant.

Apple iPhones generally do not provide the users with an expandability feature while Samsung does. So Samsung Galaxy Note might just get the nod ahead of Apple iPhone 8 in this department.

Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Battery

This is somewhere Samsung needs to have a look in for what they have suffered in recent times. They would be eager to get over with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that has generated a number of negative reviews regarding the battery of the smartphones produced by them. But Apple has been regarded as one of those smartphone making brands who have managed to come out with incredible smartphone batteries from time to time. Nothing much has been revealed regarding the backup capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but it is reported that Apple iPhone 8 will come with a 2450 mAh battery. So this round belongs to iPhone 8 irrespective of the fact that we are not yet sure what the actual configuration of the battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to be.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone 8: Add-ons

A lot will depend on the additional features of these two smartphones. And talking about the additional features, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Stylus. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will sport the S-Pen which is definitely going to be one of the highlighting features of the device. However, Apple iPhone 8 might not come with an Apple Pen. So Galaxy Note 8 gets an upperhand here. But Apple iPhone 8 can boast of its in-house AI technology, the Siri while we haven’t yet received news regarding whether Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come with Bixby (Samsung’s in-house AI) or not. So that brings the competition back in favour of Apple thuse ensuring that the tech enthusiasts do not have much to choose from these two smartphones.

Wrap Up

It can’t be really figured which one is going to be better than the other one as far as Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone 8 are concerned. This is because both the smartphones are expected to come out with incredible features. While one apparently comes with better feature in one section, the other sports a better one in another one. So until we are getting a hands-on experience of both the smartphones nothing can be stated with authority. And that brings us to a conclusion that both Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone 8 are going to be incredible smartphones once they are unveiled by their respective manufacturers.

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