Intel’s 5G Modem ‘Goldridge’ Set to Take the World By Storm

We are in an age where we can expect new technologies to come up every now and then. And here we are with the biggest news coming in that Intel has launched a new modem which will be able to transmit data at 5G speed. Qualcomm was the first tech giant to launch such a modem capable of transmitting data at 5G speed. Now with Intel launching the 5G modem sends the signal to all the enthusiasts across the world those days are not too far away when the 4G speed would be regarded as slow.

Intel 5G Modem
Intel 5G Modem will be able to transfer data at a rate 100 times higher than what a present-day modem does

It was in October 2016 that Qualcomm for the first time brought out the 5G modem. And now with Intel coming up with a 5G modem, a faster internet connection on mobile phones and other electronic devices is not a thing of distant future. Coming to the basic capabilities of the 5G modem released by Intel, it can be said that it is going to be incredible. Named as ‘Goldridge’ as reported by the Forbes, the modem is capable of transferring data at a much higher rate. It is believed that it is going to move data at a rate more than 6 Gigabits per second which is hundred times faster than the speed at which it is transferred now. The new 5G modem is equipped with a baseband chip which has the capability of pairing with a new 5G transceiver that has sub-6GHz and mmWave capabilities.

However, it is not going to be before 2020 that we are going to get hold of the faster internet. And the users of the USA, South Korea, Japan and all the countries across Europe will be able to get hold of the new modem equipped with this chip capable of transferring data at 5G speed. And what is regarded as the most important fact is that the with the inception of this new 5G modem vehicles would be able to keep the drivers safer than before as it will take less time to protect the driver in case of any signal received. Drones working on this 5G modem introduced by Intel would be able to help in disaster recovery at a much faster rate.

This sounds like a path-breaking revelation from Intel as the new 5G modem would be able to transfer data at a much faster rate than what is available across the world at this moment. Although it will take time to make an appearance on the market, it sounds really incredible for all those who are consumers of products from Intel.

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