Nokia’s 3310 Gets Reincarnated and Sports a Classy Outlook

Back in 2000, a device by Nokia took the tech world by storm as every other person had its name in their mouths, and it is none other than the Nokia 3310. The phone was sold over 126 million units all across the globe and the durability of the phone is still compared with today’s Smartphones. Several people beamed with joy when the Nokia 3310 got reincarnated at the MWC 2017 as the previews of the event has already started off. The new Nokia 3310 might not look that hardy but sports a handy and a basic outlook.

The Nokia 3310 gets revamped at MWC 2017

The battery life of the earlier Nokia 3310 was absolutely first-rate and the new one sports a battery life which would offer 22 hours of talk time which means its 10 times higher than the original Nokia 3310. The newer version of the phone also comes up in bright and fun colors such as red, yellow, dark blue and matte gray and the device will run on the company’s Series 30+ software.

The new Nokia 3310 also supports the microSD slot and sports a display screen of 2.4-inch QVGA and if looked into the camera specifications of the device, it sports a 2 Mega Pixel camera. The developers might have added a lot of changes to the device but it can be still recognized as the Nokia 3310, therefore, its charm is still intact. However, every other user used to enjoy playing the game Snake on the original Nokia 3310 and HMD has made sure to include the famous game in the new version of the device as well. This surely is good news for all the users as the game might make them nostalgic.

However, the global company HMD has decided to roll out the new Nokia 3310 in Q2 and as far as the price of the device is concerned it will be made available at a price of $52 which is highly affordable for most of the people. The earlier Nokia 3310 was extremely sturdy and some of them still cannot get over the device.

The revelation of the new version of Nokia 3310 has made quite a lot of users highly overwhelmed and it is surely going to be sold in larger units when it hits the market.

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