Now, Sony Will Supply Batteries For The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8

In a move that will boost the production and launch of this year’s Samsung flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony has joined a list of equipment manufacturers who will now produce and supply batteries. The blame for the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, incidentally, was placed squarely on the batteries. The move is also significant as Samsung has to reckon with an ever-increasing demand for the Galaxy S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8.

Besides Sony, Murata Manufacturing, the Japanese giant, has also been asked to supply batteries. These two suppliers will complement the efforts of the Samsung subsidiary, Samsung SDI, which is traditionally the supplier of the batteries. Making partnerships with multiple suppliers is a normal exercise among giant corporates: not only does it make for better quality as well as lesser price, the supplier can also aim for future strategic supplies. The number of Galaxy S8s said to be in development is said to be an astounding 17 million.

The fiasco over the Galaxy Note 7 last year had led Samsung to post losses of over $11 billion. It had also dented its image as one of the giants in the smartphone manufacturing business. In a report by the Korean news outlet The Investor, which you can read here, the number of smartphones being manufactured had almost been doubled. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to be undergoing a manufacturing process for 60 billion units, compared to 48 million of the Galaxy S7 which had been sold and the Galaxy S6, which had sold 45 million units.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the world’s most highly anticipated phones. It has recently obtained almost all of the supplies of the recently-launched Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. You can read all of the latest updates on the new phone right here. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will rival the Apple iPhone 8, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Samsung has been in the eye of a storm over financial improprieties.

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