Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 2017 To be Launched at MWC as Yoshino?

One of the leading smartphone making brands which have come up in recent times and managed to hit the headlines is Sony. The latest news that has come out from the world of technology states that Sony will launch a new smartphone entitled Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 2017 in the latter part of the month of February and is going to be a flagship device of the Japanese tech giant.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 2017
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 2017 is expected to be unveiled secretly during the Mobile World Congress 2017

It has come up on the Twitter account of one of the popular leaksters that Sony is going to disclose an updated version of the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), scheduled to be taking place in the last week of this month. Ricciolo has been spotted stating that Sony might not bring the smartphone to light immediately and instead of that, a secret meeting would perhaps be held where they will reveal the prototypes of Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 2017 to the media and investors in a closed-door meeting.

Previously, news has surfaced regarding a new smartphone from Sony named as Sony Yoshino with some extra-ordinary features. And rumors are making rounds that the device is perhaps going to be the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 2017. The specs and features that have come up reveal the fact that it is definitely going to be one of the most updated smartphones in recent times. Under the hood, it is expected to be sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor alongside 4 GB or 6 GB LPDDR4 RAM.

Not only that, Sony Yoshino, which is estimated to be the codename for the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 2017, is expected to have a 5.5-inch screen supporting a 4K display resolution very much like the 5.5-inch Sony Xperia Z5 Premium which was launched a couple of years ago. The camera of the device is expected to be equipped with Sony IMX400 sensor.

Other than this nothing much of the device has been revealed. Experts are estimating that the following the secret revelation of the device to the media personnel and the investors, it will ultimately be unveiled to the consumers perhaps in the month of April with the anticipation that it will be put on sale even later. For the time being, everything is in a state of speculation, and it will be really interesting to follow all the developments surrounding the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 2017 which is supposed to hit the market as Sony Yoshino.

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