Uncharted 5: Is It Going to Happen At All?

Uncharted 4 has been one of the most popular video games that have hit the market in recent times. In fact, it has not been even a year that the latest edition of the game in the Uncharted series came out. It was in May 2016 that Uncharted 4 hit the market and immediately it became a real hit. But the fans have grown eager to know some information related to what is in the future of the game in the series Uncharted. Is there going to be an Uncharted 5, is the biggest question that is making rounds in the minds of the fans of the game.

Uncharted 5
Whether Uncharted 5 will at all be produced remains to be a matter of huge debate

The fans of any video game always keep an eye on the development regarding the next game in that franchise. And quite similarly fans have been very much interested to know whether there is going to be an Uncharted 5 at all or not. Regarding this, we have come across some sort of information and it might not make the fans feel very much secure about the fact that Uncharted 5 is going to come out from its original developer Naughty Dog. In fact, if we take a look at the ending point of the last game, one can conclude that there is not going to be an Uncharted 5.

However, being a fan, you cannot lose hope. And there has been a ray of hope if we take into consideration the words of Neil Druckmann and Nolan North. North stated that he would be really interested in being a part of the game Uncharted 5 if it is made which doesn’t sound conclusive about the future of the game Uncharted 5. But Neil Druckman’s words do give the fans a little bit of hope that there might be an Uncharted 5. He has said that the story of the game in the series Uncharted can be explored further but definitely not with Nathan Drake as the central figure.

This sounds really incredible for all the fans, but the reality is that even if there is an Uncharted 5 it won’t be developed by its original developer Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog will definitely be there as the advisor of the game Uncharted 5 if there is any requirement while developing the game but they won’t be there as the chief developer of the game. And there is certainly going to be some changes as far as the plot of the game is concerned.

So for the time being it won’t be wise to wipe out the possibilities that the Uncharted 6 will hit the market. There are chances that Uncharted 5 will hit the market at some point in time later on. Till then we have to keep on waiting for official words to come in.

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