Experts Suggest that Xiaomi Mi 6 has Received 3C Certification

Xiaomi is in the news for all sorts of news and updates regarding the upcoming flagship device. And the latest one that has come out reveals the fact that the device has received 3C certification. With the new certification also come few updates regarding the features of the device which sounds really incredible.

Xiaomi Mi 6
Screenshot of the 3C certification of the mobile phone from Xiaomi

3C certification is one of the mandatory certifications that a smartphone has to come out with before making an appearance on the market. Of late a new smartphone from the house of Xiaomi has received certification and it is expected that it is going to be the Xiaomi Mi 6. The features that we have come across will come with the smartphone as revealed in the process is that the device will come with 18 W Fast Charger.

The model number has been revealed to be MCE16. The leaked image has also revealed that the smartphone will feature LTE connectivity which has become one of the basic features of smartphones these days. Also, the smartphone has received a minimum power rating of 15 W and a maximum of 18 W which falls under the standard fast charge technology. Other than this the smartphone is believed to have received three charging output ratings which include 5V, 3A/9V, 2A/12V, 1.5A.

Xiaomi Mi 6
The release date of Xiaomi Mi 6 is arriving soon

Most of these things are found in the flagship devices of most of the smartphones. And what remains to be seen is the fact that the smartphone which has received 3C certification is really the Xiaomi Mi 6 or not. In the not too distant future, this will be revealed along with a number of other things. For that, we need to wait for the release date to arrive soon.

Rumors are also there the smartphone will come out with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor under the hood. Also, reports have suggested that the smartphone will be waterproof and will have a dual camera setup on the rear side. But chances are also there that the device will come with a single lens setup associated with a number of photography enhancing sensors. All these information will be revealed when Xiaomi launches their flagship device and the day is not too far away.

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